Thursday report

I met most of my goals for today! I did apply for two jobs, although one I thought I was going to apply for changed the qualifications and I didn’t meet them. So I applied for another that I might not completely qualify for, but I met most of them, and it is a good paying job. I spent a good part of the day applying for that job.

I also changed my sheets and did two loads of laundry. Been relaxing since, haven’t cleaned the bathroom sink yet. But there is still time.

When I checked my mail I found out I am eligible for Unemployment benefits! I’ll be getting more than I expected, but it still won’t be as much as some people get. It’s based on my income from 2010. Still, I am very grateful to be getting it, it means I can pay rent AND bills while looking for work. So far I only really had money for rent for several months.

I only played my main FB game this morning, Lucky Train. Then later today I decided to play Gardens of Time till I ran out of energy (hidden object game). I played Lucky Train again. Not going to check in on other games today.

Been playing Rune Factory 3 on the DS. I should quit now and do something more constructive, like read a library book. Will in a few minutes.

I was surprised to hear Katie Couric was quitting CBS Evening News. I happened to watch her last broadcast. I didn’t always like what she had to say (she sounded anti-democrat & anti Obama at times) but I will miss watching a national news with a female anchor. She is going to be replaced by some man.

I really liked something she said on the news tonight, that a man who was supposed to be paralized for life, was able to stand on his own due to new medical technology. I wish Christopher Reeve was still alive to see this and experience it for himself.

I did start some of The Birth Of Venus By Sarah Durant today. Probably will read some more of that, and Rose for a Crown.


2 responses to “Thursday report

  1. I’m so happy you’ll be getting unemployment!!!! Anything helps, huh?
    I watch the CBS Evening News almost every night, so heard Katie announce last week, I think, that she was leaving…but she didn’t say what her future plans are, etc. So I knew her last night was last night. I hope SN won’t be too upsetting for you tonight. I didn’t know “he” has a new show, so at least that’s good. I’m with you completely about cutting out violence….anyway you can…for a while. I ran out of Pern books to read…and have some other Anne McCaffrey books to read if I want to…but decided to try going back to the Andy McDermitt series. The one you told me about….starting with “Hunting for Atlantis.” I collected all of the rest of his books…mostly from the Book Exchange in trade…but they are non-stop action and violent, so don’t know if I’ll get through them all or not right now. I was considering cutting out all TV shows with violence, too, by fall….but watched a commercial for one called “Terra Nova” that sounds pretty interesting…my kind of show otherwise. Meant to tell you that put other shows on when they said Afterlife was going to be on last Friday…so we haven’t gotten those yet. Any lilacs in bloom by you yet? Love you! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Mom! Yeah it will help a lot. I was pretty surprised about Katie. I looked it up online and she’s thinking of trying to get on with ABC? I wonder why she didn’t like CBS anymore. Anyway, I remembered you also watched her news. It will be strange not to see her anymore.

      If the Winchesters are nice at all to Castiel, it will be better than I’m hoping. It will be two hours long, which will be strange. I’ll be so worried about Cas the whole time. A lot of us will be. I don’t know if I can do the period of non-violence, maybe for a couple of weeks, I don’t want to miss Misha’s new show, and it will have a LOT of violence and gore. It’s heavily religious & philosophical I guess, so should be interesting. He plays a priest who loses faith.

      Oh yeah the Hunting for Atlantis books, are they good? I’ll be looking forward to geting Afterlife, I’ve been missing that show actually! Thanks for reading and commenting! Love you too!

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