Getting ready to go to Sean’s, Canada dream

I need to take a shower and get ready to go to Sean’s, but first I want to  write about my crazy Canada dream.

I dreamed I went to Vancouver BC again. At first I was alone, and I get there and I was trying to figure out where to park. I noticed at some of the meters that cars were parked at a very steep incline, making an upside down V (with one car on each side) . I couldn’t figure out at all how anyone parked like that. I was assuming it was to save space.  I wanted to know how much the meters were and when did they stop needing money (like what time in the evening.) I stood in line at this counter and then this lady tells me I’ll have to look in the handbook. I’m saying to her I just want to  know how much the meter costs and what time can you stop putting money in? And how on earth do people park like that over there? She hands me this very thick handbook and that’s it. So I try to figure out where to park, and I’m at the top of some parking garage where there is a McDonald’s nearby. I think I put a dime or two in a meter. My family shows up. We’re over at this area inside a door where you can use condiments (I have no idea on WHAT since we were making plans to walk to McDonalds or something) and we use them and then the next thing we know these Canadians come by wanting to use the condiment station and they’re appalled that things were not put back in their proper place.

And so we discover Canadians ALWAYS put things back in their proper place. We tell them this concept is foreign to us, we are okay with things NOT having the same spot all the time. They are a little shocked with us that we are so loose with our condiments. Oh and these people tell us that after 6pm we don’t have to put dimes in the meters. We say Thank You. I think we ended up putting extra dimes in the meter just in case. Oh and I’m realizing the lady at the counter had given me a strange $5 bill that was really huge and had holes punched in it, and I was wondering, what do I do with this?

So somehow even though McDonalds is just across the street, we lose Dad and the rest of the family. Mom and I start driving up this very wavy road, (up and down like a ribbon or roller coaster) and we see another McDonalds but don’t stop in time, and then end up at this huge mall place with a huge food court that is very crowded. We sit down next to some Canadians and I think we start asking them questions and they speak back to us in French.

I say Je ne parle francais or whatever and they look upset, finally they say in English, don’t you know Canada is a bilingual country? Why didn’t you learn French before coming here? They wanted to know. I say well, I thought we could speak English over here! They want to know where I am from. They think I must have come from Florida. I say no, WA state and they are surprised again. As if people that came from that close should know better and learn French before showing up.

That’s mostly what I can remember other than I think we ordered Sundaes at McDonalds but never got to eat them.

Now I need to shower, pack and wash the dishes before we leave. I’m really sorry I didn’t make it to MT for Dad’s birthday, now that I know he was at Lee’s. But I didn’t actually get the car fixed in time. The mechanic was saying there was no one to give me a ride home and when I called again on Thursday he said it was too late in the week to get the car fixed.


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