Monday post 2 – Goals

By Bahman Farzad at Flickr

Man I have so many things I want to get done and so little time. So here’s my goals for now. Not sure on a time frame, some I want to get done today, some this week, some before the summer is over LOL


  1. I want to pick up new library books and return ones I’m not going to finish.
  2. Clean up some of the clutter around here, like old junk mail.
  3. Email a friend back – MW
  4. Do some general cleaning.
  5. Make up a planned schedule and see if I can stick to it in the next days
This week:
  1. Finish Six Feet Under disc & write to Spencer again
  2. Send Joanna her postcard
  3. Do something creative like vidding or writing
  4. Read more, play video games and computer games less
  5. Write a review of Fast racing game
  6. Sorry I cannot figure out how to change the font back to normal on this list

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