Monday Post 3 – More goals

I was so frustrated with not being able to put the font back to normal on the other post, going to just make another goal post here.

I made myself clean up some clutter for a half hour today, and decided that is one of my goals for the week, to clean up clutter each day for a half hour, and at least once a week (if I can stick to this) shred the papers that need shredding, and also once a week, file away some papers that need filing (still piled on my floor)

No I’m not a hoarder, but there are several piles of papers laying around. After I get rid of all the paper clutter, I want to work on getting rid of other kinds of clutter, like give away or throw away things I really don’t need.

Like, I’m going to actually give back the library books I’m pretty sure I won’t finish, instead of hanging on to them for the whole month ‘just in case’ And get rid of some clothes I never wear, etc.

I really need to go to the library tomorrow (or today if I have time) and print out my unemployment papers AGAIN as in the logs, I didn’t get to fill in my log on Friday like I usually do because I couldn’t find the extra sheets I had printed out for myself.

Some summer goals: I want to finally finish putting that scrapbook together (will mostly have Supernatural articles, some other newspaper stuff) which will help clear up clutter some more, and clean out the storage shed AGAIN. I did it at Xmas time and I can’t even tell now.

I’m hoping to get that review for Fast done soon, as well as a review for my MP3 player on amazon, and to think up a regular schedule for myself to try stick to, and post it here. So far, I’ve got that half hour of cleaning clutter a day etc. Plus I’ve got Lucky Train in the morning, not giving that up lol, and of course applying for jobs and claiming unemployment. Will try and think of reasonable limits on video games, internet, etc but not ready to commit to anything yet.


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