Got my car back

Got my car back after 1pm, only one motor mount needed to be fixed, and the mechanic said that the vibrating thing the car does is the transmission, so it will still vibrate, and it’s something not worth fixing and the car should still go on for awhile with it doing that. So, my car is in okay shape for running around now.

I got a call from a potential employer this morning and they’d like me to come in and take a test, it’s for a call center so it involves listening to headphones and typing in what I hear. I’m not sure I’ll pass the speed of their test but I’m going to try. Planning on driving in tomorrow. Then I plan to meet Lorin for lunch at Red Lobster, I have a gift card for that place.

What I’m concerned about is getting my weekly job stuff done in time. Tomorrow is Thursday. I attempted to apply for a job today, which included printing out the app at the library and then attempting to handwrite it here, but I goofed up. So now I am thinking of getting a printer tomorrow.  I have two applications that need to be typed onto a PDF and printed. You can’t save a PDF and I no longer want to use PDF Escape, it looks pretty bad once printed out. Like a bad fax copy.  And I need to be able to print out a cover letter on nice paper too.

So I’m going to be very busy tomorrow. Also need to stop at Fred Meyer while in town and get some groceries. So I’ll have to work on both applications tomorrow in the afternoon. I really prefer to do that sort of thing in the morning, but don’t want to miss my deadline on Friday for making my weekly claim.

So will get up early tomorrow, and work on the cover letters, I can at least save those. And plan to work on the apps, hopefully if I find a printer I like.

My crown came out again. The one I spent $184 to fix. All I did was put a piece of taffy in my mouth, I never chew taffy on that side anymore, but I stuck it in my mouth and it touched the crown and the crown came off.

I’ve been sticking to my goal of cleaning up clutter a half hour a day. Did it watching Eerie Indiana today. Will be harder to find time tomorrow.

I got to go to the library! I got all the books I wanted, the one I want to read the most I’m going to read tonight after my shower. Desert Places by Blake Crouch. I made a request for the library to order Endurance by Jack Kilborn, I also really want to read that one.

Doing dishes tonight, I’ve been doing better at keeping the kitchen cleaner. Watching Hoarders (I watched 2-3 episodes today while doing stuff) makes me want to keep the place clean and organized, even though I’m no where close to a hoarder.


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