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Yesterday mammogram went well! Lots of squeezing of my boobs but they didn’t hurt afterwards. They also did ultrasounds on them, and told me what was in my right breast was most likely a fibroadenoma. They didn’t sound alarmed at all. That’s all I needed to hear! It’s harmless. I’m still getting a needle biopsy in August. The only thing that concerns me is what they found in the left breast, something way in the back, they said it could be a cyst but not sure so they are getting that checked with the needle biopsy too.

After my appointment yesterday I went to the rose garden and walked around, also went into the conservatory and looked at all the plants. Then I went to my favorite Thai restaurant on my way down the hill and ordered Pad Pak, my favorite meal from them. It’s SOOOO good. I took it home and started watching Six Feet Under while eating. I still have one more episode to watch before I can return the disc.

I really need to get some cleaning done today, and also hoping to write a little as well.

Last night J came home from shopping and showed me his new clothes he bought at thrift stores. He got some nice polo shirts and plaid shirts and a couple of t-shirts – I liked the one with the wings on it.



Today is my mammogram in Spokane, it’s a diagnostic one so they’ll be telling me more about the lumps in my right breast.  I gotta leave in 45 minutes, leaving a little early because of potential traffic jams on the way to Spokane.

This mammogram is paid for. I was told wrong when I went to Planned Parenthood (I went there because I knew I could get a free woman’s exam. I did leave a donation though LOL) Anyway the woman said I could get a free ASSESSMENT with my referral, but would still have to pay for the mammogram. So I put it off! Then after talking to my family I decided to give the place a call, and see if I could find out what options were available to me, and turns out the mammogram is completely covered financially.

This morning I was thinking I really need to limit how much time I go to Tumblr. Because I have no discipline or control. So, for now I’m thinking up to an hour and a half, two days a week. For now I’ll say Mondays and Thursdays (but not this Thursday I was on it plenty yesterday)

I might still go briefly other days just to post something if I think of something I really want to post right away.

I need to cut down on twitter too, but I still will probably check in during the mornings. It makes job searching more bearable. I’m not sure what/how to cut down other than to be off it more in the evenings.

Last night I was reading this fic that is so well written it makes me wish I could write well. Maybe if I dedicated more time to it I could get better? I want to be able to contribute to the Destiel community.

I’m currently reading a paperback I bought at the library book sale called Twisted by Andrea Kane. It’s good.

I want to practice my Buddhism more too, but I need to think on how to accomplish this, I’m terrible at sticking to things.

Yesterday J walked to Ben Franklin because he wanted to buy himself some clay for sculpting. I saw him making a communicator (Star Trek) 🙂

Here’s Me!

Wow haven’t been here in a long time. Well, I started a Google + account today, it’ s kinda like a new facebook. And I went to the library book sale and got about 7 books for myself. I’m currently reading an interlibrary loan book called Endurance by Jack Killborn. One of the most twisted plots I’ve ever read haha. Almost done.

J is coming home today, maybe in an hour or so, but I won’t be surprised if he’s late. He’s been with his dad all week.

I left my camera’s at Sean and Sams! I want it back!

I went to Sean and Sam’s for the 4th of July. I babysat Annabelle the first night and they bought me nachos (after coming home late). They watched some ST TNG with me when they got home. Was happy to learn Sam likes TNG too. Oh and last friday, all the Star Treks (except DS9, but I own that one) showed up on instant Netflix. I was super excited. Now I can watch ST TNG whenever I want, Voyager too)

I recently started watching Roswell on instant Netflix. Kind of a teeny bopper show, but I like it. Some of the teens are aliens.

Looking forward to seeing family very soon! In a week is Sean and Sam’s wedding!

I had a job interview on Wed and it went well, I hope to hear back from them.

I want to play some Zelda OOT on the 3DS before J gets home, I’m sure he’ll want to play with it when he gets home