Here’s Me!

Wow haven’t been here in a long time. Well, I started a Google + account today, it’ s kinda like a new facebook. And I went to the library book sale and got about 7 books for myself. I’m currently reading an interlibrary loan book called Endurance by Jack Killborn. One of the most twisted plots I’ve ever read haha. Almost done.

J is coming home today, maybe in an hour or so, but I won’t be surprised if he’s late. He’s been with his dad all week.

I left my camera’s at Sean and Sams! I want it back!

I went to Sean and Sam’s for the 4th of July. I babysat Annabelle the first night and they bought me nachos (after coming home late). They watched some ST TNG with me when they got home. Was happy to learn Sam likes TNG too. Oh and last friday, all the Star Treks (except DS9, but I own that one) showed up on instant Netflix. I was super excited. Now I can watch ST TNG whenever I want, Voyager too)

I recently started watching Roswell on instant Netflix. Kind of a teeny bopper show, but I like it. Some of the teens are aliens.

Looking forward to seeing family very soon! In a week is Sean and Sam’s wedding!

I had a job interview on Wed and it went well, I hope to hear back from them.

I want to play some Zelda OOT on the 3DS before J gets home, I’m sure he’ll want to play with it when he gets home


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