Today is my mammogram in Spokane, it’s a diagnostic one so they’ll be telling me more about the lumps in my right breast.  I gotta leave in 45 minutes, leaving a little early because of potential traffic jams on the way to Spokane.

This mammogram is paid for. I was told wrong when I went to Planned Parenthood (I went there because I knew I could get a free woman’s exam. I did leave a donation though LOL) Anyway the woman said I could get a free ASSESSMENT with my referral, but would still have to pay for the mammogram. So I put it off! Then after talking to my family I decided to give the place a call, and see if I could find out what options were available to me, and turns out the mammogram is completely covered financially.

This morning I was thinking I really need to limit how much time I go to Tumblr. Because I have no discipline or control. So, for now I’m thinking up to an hour and a half, two days a week. For now I’ll say Mondays and Thursdays (but not this Thursday I was on it plenty yesterday)

I might still go briefly other days just to post something if I think of something I really want to post right away.

I need to cut down on twitter too, but I still will probably check in during the mornings. It makes job searching more bearable. I’m not sure what/how to cut down other than to be off it more in the evenings.

Last night I was reading this fic that is so well written it makes me wish I could write well. Maybe if I dedicated more time to it I could get better? I want to be able to contribute to the Destiel community.

I’m currently reading a paperback I bought at the library book sale called Twisted by Andrea Kane. It’s good.

I want to practice my Buddhism more too, but I need to think on how to accomplish this, I’m terrible at sticking to things.

Yesterday J walked to Ben Franklin because he wanted to buy himself some clay for sculpting. I saw him making a communicator (Star Trek) 🙂


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