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Goodreads Darkforces series

The Ashton Horror (Dark Forces #12)The Ashton Horror by Laurie Bridges

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is one of my top favs of the Dark Forces books. I love the role-playing aspect of it, the characters, the quaint Vermont town, and the ancient evil. Very fun read!

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The Doll (Dark Forces #3)The Doll by Rex Sparger
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another one of my top favs for the Dark Forces books which were the greatest thing ever at the bookstore when I was 12-13. I loved the creepy doll, how it was acquired, the mounting evil and the helpful priest! Very fun read!

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The Game (Dark Forces #1)The Game by Les Logan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I loved all these Dark Forces books when I was 12-13 and have re-read them several times, even as an adult! This is the one about the twin sisters and how one of them becomes victim to a demonic entity from a Ouija board.

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I’m Excited

I got my writing books in the mail and I started reading the one called 90 Days To Your Novel and it sounds like it’s going to be a lot of practical help. There is even a contract you sign when you are ready to start your 90 days! The timing is perfect for me, other than needing to look for work and attend classes for my seasonal job, I have plenty of extra time in my life right now (as in don’t have a full time job to keep me super busy). Even if I do get a real job, I could stick to the schedule it will insist on, which is writing at least 2 hours a day, every day, for 90 days. Or it could be three hours a day, but knowing me I’d better just make the two hours goal and if I get creative enough I can stretch it to three or more a day.

The other three books will help me with developing my skills in writing, like working on description and setting, plot and structure, and characters, emotions and viewpoints.

I also need to make sure I read daily to get a feel for writing. As in novels – to see how other writers put words together. And stories, of course.

Build A Lot, a lot

This is one of the new songs I’ve been listening to a lot lately, I bought the MP3 on amazon. Make this Go On Forever by Snow Patrol.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time playing a free trial game – time management and food, like a Burger Shop but it was harder because you had to make the sandwiches in a certain order. I can’t even remember the name. Has Stand in it.

I was reading some of both American Gods and The Passage yesterday, and The Passage started getting to a point where I didn’t understand what was going on anymore, but I’m going to give it another try.

Also last night while looking through the free trial stuff I saw Build A Lot Metropolis and I got so excited, then to find out it is a FB game, so hell yeah I started that game. It gets repetitive but I still love it for being a Build A Lot game. It’s also much simpler than the actual games, but still has a lot of the same gameplay. You have to wait a long time for your energy to come back.

Last night I realized I could download games I already bought on amazon to my other computer, so I did that and started playing Build A Lot 4 again on that comp. I only wish I could hear the sound 😦  But still, I paid for the game and they let me download to more than one comp, that’s great 🙂

Today I did write some on my original story with the Monoliths, but only a couple paragraphs. Also started reading Star Rigger’s Way by Jeffrey A. Carver (sci-fi) and In Dubious Battle by John Steinbeck. Reading both to see different kinds of writing styles. I hope to get back to my Monoliths story after I screw around a bit on Build A Lot on the laptop, I want to hear the sounds of the game.

Tomorrow I’m going to do more responsible stuff, apply to jobs, pay bills, I forgot what else. I did do a load of laundry today and change the bed.

I should go for a walk today, it’s nice enough out for shorts and I know this won’t last much longer. Our summer was way too short! It didn’t even start really till middle or end of July. A month and a half is not enough!

Reading, lots of reading

I just finished Jack Kilborn’s Trapped this morning, and it is a really gruesome, sick and twisted book. But that’s why I wanted to read it, Jack Kilborn comes up with some crazy stuff, just like he did in Endurance. I still haven’t finished his book Afraid, but I keep getting to the point where I’m not sure where the plot is going. I didn’t have that trouble with Endurance or Trapped.

I’m also reading The Passage by Justin Cronin and it’s good so far and I want to read more today. It’s fat and I can only have it for two weeks. But I decided I better work on American Gods by Neil Gaiman first, it’s due in a few days. It’s weird but interesting.  I’ve been trying to read more. Also trying to write more.

I ordered four books from amazon on writing and once I get them I’m really hoping they will help me write a full length novel. I had been trying to write on one, then my writing went flat and I wasn’t sure where I was going, so I tried writing on another story, just for practice. I don’t think anyone but me would like this one unless I changed it. I’m hoping to write something even if just a paragraph, every day.

I have so many books piled up to read it’s not funny. And I’m trying to pay attention to how the authors put words together, to inspire me to write better.

Been getting into new music as well. I thought of this video I liked once, looked it up and found out the singer was Skin. I listened to more of her songs on YT and really like this one called Trashed a lot. But it wasn’t available for sale on amazon as an mp3 so I ordered the CD with the song in it. At least I know for sure there is one more song I will like, but geez $10 is a lot to pay for a couple of songs, hope I like more songs on the CD.

Also been listening to Snow Patrol. Someone on Tumblr mentioned a song by them called Make this Last Forever (I think) and I tried it on YT and it’s really good. So I bought it and this other song called Lifeboats that I like a lot. Then I looked and the library had more than one CD of their music so I checked out two of them and have been listening to them while I clean.

Speaking of Tumblr, I started a new book recommendation blog and so far have only received 3 submissions. Really hoping to get more book recs! Almost all the ones I post are my own. If you want to leave comment here for a book rec, just leave title and author and I’ll list you as anon if you don’t have a tumblr.