I was good

I decided to try working on my new fan vid a little each evening.  The reason I’ve avoided it on weekdays is because once I start I don’t want to stop. I managed to work on it just now and told myself a half hour, did it for 45 minutes, but still I’m proud of myself for quitting before an hour was up.

The program froze up on me and I had to restart some of what I did, that is my excuse for taking longer.

My son and I watched Walking Dead Episode 1 today, it’s pretty good.

I listened to my new music CD in the car, I got some really nice free music from amazon, I’m surprised. One of the new songs I’m using for my video.

Yesterday I watched some Hoarders, once again I am wondering why people that are so abusive to animals aren’t just arrested.

Today I was lucky and got off work at 4:30.


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