You Don’t Need To Be In A Relationship To Live Romantically

Thought Catalog

Once in a while I find myself sitting across from a couple, and I can’t help but think they are space aliens.

They’re cute together, and if we’re having dinner, they might do something painfully sweet, like ordering for each other and knowing exactly what to get. In between bites (fed to each other), they talk about their new apartment and the various perks of nesting. “We just got into candle making!” And every so often, they lock eyes, and that familiarity and comfort that emanates from them makes it incredibly easy to picture them 20, 40 years from now, still sitting on the same side of the table, ever steadfastly on the same wavelength.

Aliens! You two certainly aren’t from my planet, that’s for sure. Tell me, when does the mothership land?

I’ve never been in a committed relationship. I’ve been in love once, with someone who loved me back just…

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