Monthly Archives: April 2016

Update April 2016

I haven’t written in here for a long time. I recently lost my temporary job, it was a great place to work, I am okay with the fact that the job is over. I actually just applied today for a position at the place I was working at.

I need good dental insurance because I found out dental implants are $4000 per tooth which is ridiculously expensive! The place I worked at would provide good insurance if I was a permanent hire.

What am I watching on Netflix lately? Several things. In no particular order, Orphan Black, American Horror Story, Jessica Jones, Hemlock Grove, The Walking Dead, crap I just watched something yesterday, what was it? Oh yeah, Haven, Sense 8, Bates Motel, and thinking of getting back to Revenge.

Still having severe mood swings but will be starting counseling in a few weeks.