Monthly Archives: March 2017


I have the worst case of comparisonitus. Here is a run down of my day:

I talk to a friend today that I admire, and he is going on a trip. With a married couple that are his good friends.

Me: I do not have any good friends I can go on a trip with. I do have some friends, but do I have good friends I can go on a trip with? Do I have good friends that would be willing  to go on a trip with me? I don’t know.

I’m not too concerned about the fact that I don’t have the money to go on a trip to Mexico. And lay on a tropical beach. Sounds nice but it’s not a priority.

I’m all concerned about the fact that I’m not as bonded with people as everyone else seems to be. People do not usually go out of their way to see me, but I go out of my way to see them.

I am thinking I am going to try go through life on autopilot and detach from my emotions