About lilacwest

I’m in my early 40’s. I’m a mom (of an 23  year old going to college) , and I live in Washington state, USA.

The following is old and needs to be updated someday

I love to read, play Nintendo games, do jigsaw puzzles, write fiction and fanfiction, make vids for Supernatural, going to the library, watching the news, watch TV thru Netflix, hang out with my son, looking up pretty photos…and more

I’m a very visually oriented person. Love what I can see and do with my eyes. Pretty stuff attracts me. I’m not really into music that much at all.  I do listen to it occasionally, like in the car, or when cleaning. And lately to “I Remember” by Deadmau5 because I’m not tired of it yet. I’m more likely to listen to a short list of songs over and over, rather than listen to a lot of songs. Most music bores me.

I consider myself a Buddhist – spirituality isn’t a big thing in my life anymore like it used to be, but trying to be a better person and following my spiritual beliefs is important to me. I’d like to see myself seeing the world in a better way someday. Not sure if this is possible yet – since with my Buddhist perspective I see too much suffering in the world. I can have a positive attitude and I’m usually pretty content, but darn, a lot of people go through really rough times – I wish this world was a better place.

I’m pretty much trying to find a balance between having the time & enjoying the things I love, while not getting too self-absorbed in them. As in making time for others, and just not being so damn lazy.

I’m a newbie. I’ll write more in later once I figure out what the hell I’m doing.



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