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Not Enough time in the day

Would love to be retired and have all the time in the world because there is so much I want to do and not enough time to do it!

Plus my job is crazy as usual – today wasn’t too bad, I got a high compliment from a customer today so that was nice. Then there was a ‘change’ for the better – something we’re allowed to do again (for months we were no longer allowed, now that we are allowed again, life there will be just slightly easier).

At work I did bring up with some co-workers that agree, there are a few perks to our job, and I have to admit they are a huge reason I have trouble getting motivated to look for other work even though the current one drives me nuts. Perks are – we have a steady schedule. We know when we are going to be at work and we know when we are going to be done (there is the risk of being stuck late, usually no more than a half hour), we always get our days off. We don’t have to worry (I better not jinx things here) about being called into work on our day off or after we’ve gone home. (I’ve seen it happen to supervisors though). They never ask me to show up on Saturday, well actually they will ask everyone through email very occasionally, and usually other people volunteer because they want overtime. I volunteered once because it was for a project that was not our usual work. But they don’t make you show up on your day off. Also we almost always get holidays off such as Labor day, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Christmas (without pay) but I like it that I don’t have to worry about being stuck working on a holiday.

Oh I wanted to write more but it’s getting late. Maybe tomorrow. Briefly – today I did some cleaning, I watched Warehouse 13 with my son, I was hoping he’d like it too but he’s not too interested he said it’s too ‘cop show’. I will continue to watch. I like the premise – a secret warehouse of supernatural objects and secret agents need to collect them. Reminds me of Friday the 13th the Series (which had nothing to do with the movies)

Pretty Little Liars season finale was on last night. That show is getting dark. Also, I just read the first book. It’s short. Will read more through the library. The book is pretty close to the show, with little differences. I hear they get quite different from the show though, which makes sense because if they just used the plot from the books, no one would be surprised and there would be no mystery if they already read the books.

I ordered the new download content pack for Mario Kart Wii U, I think it was an advanced purchase so won’t have everything yet, but I will have new racetracks to try, new characters to use, new cars.

So on Netflix, I want to watch/have been watching Pretty little liars, Warehouse 13, Hemlock Grove, The Fosters, maybe watch Orange is the New Black, been watching Arrow with my son, Persons Unknown, Life…

I need to get ready for bed.


Writing stuff down

Yesterday I discovered and was adding a lot of my books to it. Plan to do some more today. Also decided I really need to finish reading a lot of my books that I’ve left hanging. Currently trying to finish the 2nd Frankenstein book since a friend loaned it to me, and a William Slater book that shouldn’t take to long to finish, The Last Universe.

I started playing Paper Mario for the Wii again on Friday.

I had this huge urge to go to Barnes and Noble, and if I had a car I would have just drove over there. Right now I’m thinking of going to Auntie’s bookstore because it’s downtown where the buses stop and wouldn’t take such a huge chunk of my day to go there, plus I could stop at the tea shop downtown too.

Not that I should be buying books I have tons of books to read. But I want to go look. I also decided to order some books I want to try from the library.

I really need to get some cleaning today, already vacuumed and started the dishes, need to get back to the dishes and also need to start laundry.

Started this amazon order just so I can get Oolong tea and then you have to add out stuff so you get free shipping….still working on it

The reason why I suddenly need Oolong tea is Safeway changed the recipe in my favorite iced tea – Oolong peach, and I’m really disappointed. It used to taste fresh brewed and now it tastes very different, probably it’s made from a concentrated powder now. It’s not worth spending my money on, that is for sure. And it used to be so good 😦

I watched a couple of episodes of Dominion last week and enjoyed them, but far as I know that’s all that was available on SyFy’s website, so I guess I have to wait awhile for Netflix. (hopefully). I want to try have to have time today to watch something on Netflix, maybe The Fosters or an episode of Pretty Little Liars.

Sooo many things to do its not funny

I haven’t updated this blog in forever. I’ve recently started watching a lot of new shows, reading a lot of new books, and listening to a lot of new music.

I need to make a new CD for my car. Got a bunch of new free music yesterday from amazon.

Shows I watched today:


  1. Legend of the Seeker
  2. Touch
  3. Bones
  4. Once Upon A Time
  5. Madmen (not finished)
  6. The Simpsons
  7. New Girl

I’m going to read some of Personal Demons on my kindle before bed, read some earlier too

Games I played today:

  1. Blur
  2. Eternal Sonata
  3.  Tried to play MySims Racing and it failed on me (got frozen before the game started)
  4. Build-A-Lot On Vacation (laptop)
  5. New Gardenscapes game (laptop)

I’m currently listening to Zelda Dubstep music

Trying to decide if I should go to the Buddhist meditation class tomorrow evening.

Did some laundry and some dishes today. It was a pretty day outside.

Helped my son by taking pictures of his homework he left here and emailing the picture of pages. Tried to hook up the scanner but I think it’s broke for good. It just won’t work.

Tuesday, still no car

I thought I was going to get the car back last night, but it wasn’t ready, they said in the morning, well it wasn’t ready in the morning or the rest of the day, even though they said I’d have it back this afternoon. Oh well, I really just want to get to the library and get my new books. Also I missed meditation class again. I fully intended to go if I had my car.

I made my goal of cleaning up clutter for a half hour today. I did it during an episode of Hoarders. I was proud of myself, it was tempting to just get on the computer and goof off, but I did that first (now I’m goofing off, and playing Rune Factory 3 again)

This morning I watched the E3 livestream at 9am – it was a bunch of new Nintendo reveals, including the console which will be called the Wii U. Like I said on twitter, it sounds like a university. The controller is HUGE looks like a little white TV in your hand.  I’m thinking it will feel extremely strange, having my hands that far apart holding something that bulky while I play.

But the video conferencing thing looks really cool. I could conference with my nieces and nephews. And the HD graphics look really good. They showed the simulation of a bird flying and the view between branches as it landed, it was highly detailed and realistic.  I loved the blossoms that suddenly bloomed all at once on all the trees!

I’m really excited now too to try the Kid Icarus game on the Nintendo 3DS, it looks really cool, especially the Medusa boss. And Mario Kart! The cars will make jumps and hang gliders pop out! And they drive underwater too (which makes no sense). Sigh, so many cool games coming out. I need a job. Here’s my MUST HAVE LIST when they eventually come out:

  1. Paper Mario for 3DS
  2. Zelda for Wii or Wii U
  3. Kid Icarus
  4. Etrian Odyssey!!
  5. Mario Kart for both
And probably Professor Layton too. I was so psyched to see Etrian Odyssey on the list of upcoming 3DS games! Yes!! I’m craving a EO game again and might have to replay one of them.
Today I played some of Rune Factory 3. And watched Six Feet Under, the ep where David picks up a hitchhiker – that was really hard to watch. I just wanted David’s bad day to end! It was pretty much the entire episode.
Watching Hoarders too. I’m still not sure why I watch it when it drives me crazy. Especially when they insist on going thru every bag and box before the stuff can be thrown out. UGH! Although I’m starting to see it a different way, one lady who really insisted on that, said she felt a lot of things had been taken away from her in her life. Still, having to go thru bags and bags of garbage, that’s a bit much. I’d say trust the people who already put the stuff in the bag. Trash is trash.
When I moved from my last apt. to here, I was overwhelmed by how much stuff was in my basement storage shed. We dragged it all upstairs to the living room and it covered the entire room. At first we were going thru some of the boxes, but eventually there were several where I said, “give it to Goodwill” without even looking through it. It takes too much time and energy in my opinion to look through stuff you haven’t used for years anyway.
Oh and yesterday, I believe I did work on my sad vid for a little while.

Monday post 1- Recent stuff I’ve done

By CubaGallery at Flickr


Wow I’m suddenly getting a lot more views on my blog. Not sure why, maybe because I started letting people find it with search engines? Anyway if anyone is really reading this, WELCOME!

I was up till 2am last night goofing off, looking at fandomsecrets at lj, looking at themes here at WordPress, looking at free chapters at amazon. Ergh, I want to stop wasting time but it’s so hard when I have the freedom to do so. Don’t have to be up at a certain time of the morning. The freedom of the day is such a temptating elixir to me as well. I could be more structured, but I think I have adult attention deficit disorder or something, I have trouble staying focused on one thing for too long, and flit around doing activities, and recreational activities usually win.

Anyway, this weekend was Nashcon in Nashville. Meaning there was a Supernatural convention, and I was on twitter a lot. On Saturday morning, I didn’t have plans to get on twitter till the afternoon, and then Finny sent me an email at FB (lol not a problem btw Finny if you read this) saying that Jared Padalecki (I had to search and make sure I spell that right) who plays Sam on SPN now has a twitter. It has been a long, ongoing thing that both Jensen and Jared did NOT have a twitter. As in it was repeated to us more than once because there are FAKE Jensen and Jared’s on twitter. Anyway, the REAL Jared is @jarpad. I like how it’s nice and short to type. He wasn’t able to use his full name, like @mishacollins, because Jared’s full name was taken, along with his name with 1 & 2 behind it!

So I had to get on twitter that morning to check it out. Ended up staying on twitter for quite awhile. LOL. I was there for Jensen & Jared’s panel and got to read all the tweets of the Q & A’s as they were happening because a lot of ppl tweeted at the con.

I believe I did do the dishes Saturday. Pat called and had J go over for some gardening. I went for a walk after that, it was a beautiful day. I had uploaded a particular library book to my MP3 player, but once on the walk realized I had uploaded tracks from the second disc, not the first, so settled for listening to a Tami Hoag novel I had already but the story bores me so I eventually shut it off.

I walked to this nearby park and past the Hobbit houses. I wondered how many people would be impressed that we have Hobbit type houses in our town. I thought about taking pictures and posting online, but felt it would be an invasion of privacy. I walked past some lilacs and got to smell them.

I sat in the park for awhile, daydreaming of being somewhere in the US & also Vancouver. Someplace with more exciting, landscaped parks. I wondered what it was like to live in certain places.

I went to the store and got raisins for some cookies I haven’t made yet. We’re doing good sticking to our grocery goal, but I’m starting to wish J would pitch in a little more towards the grocery fund. I might bring it up to him.

I watched Bizarre Foods and Dresden files. Saturday I went to bed kinda early, read library books in bed. I think most of the library books I have now I will return without finishing. I want to like them, but they aren’t gripping me. One is a fantasy that is somewhat historical and has a really pretty cover – Thunder At Dawn by Eric Flint & David Drake. But I barely understand what is going on. Then I was reading a horror novel called A Dark Matter by Peter Straub, and even though it has a very interesting concept – a cult guru performs a ceremony that results in bizarre, gruesome murders…it’s actually pretty boring and mostly about some characters I don’t care about. I checked the reviews on amazon and most ppl thought the book was  a waste of time. Check amazon if you want to see what I’m talking about.

I’m also reading a fantasy sci-fi that is sort of pro-new age, talks about things my mom likes to talk about, but it’s pretty weird at times and hard to follow. It’s well written though, and has a really pretty cover – here’s the picture I like the blue futuristic city:

I’ll probably try it a few more times.

But yesterday on Sunday I was on amazon trying to find a GOOD horror book and I found a couple authors I want to try, and read the first chapter free of books on amazon. One is Jack Kilborn and the book I want is NOT available at the library so I’ll have to request it. The other author is Blake Crouch and the book I wanted IS at the library so I reserved it. I want to read things that grip me and the first chapters did – Endurance by JK and Desert Places by BC.

I was playing my new Wiiware game Fast and finally unlocked the next set of tracks. It’s a beautiful racing game I spent $10 on and hope to get around to writing a review for it on here, since it’s not like people can go to amazon and write a review, you have to buy it from the Wii shopping channel.

I looked at the Worksource job board today and it’s empty, at least my main section.  I’ll probably spend more time searching around tomorrow. I want to make a few entries here in the blog and get some stuff done around the house.

I need to pick up my car today, go to meditation class, and then go to Fred Meyer and be very careful with my spending.

Memorial weekend trip

I still haven’t posted about our weekend trip. First let me say I felt bad knowing I missed Dad’s birthday when he was actually in Missoula on Saturday.

But last week whenever I called the mechanic he said he couldn’t give me a ride home, his mom wasn’t there. So I finally took the car over this morning and I should have it back Monday afternoon.

When we got to Sean’s, he lives right across from a golf course, so Sam asked me to park down the street so I wouldn’t get my car’s glass broken by golf balls.  When I first saw Annabelle inside, she was in her high chair in the kitchen, and was very smiley and happy to see me 🙂 Annabelle is such a happy baby, she was often content to play with her toys.

We were sitting there with Sam in the living room and she mentions Sean has a pool table in the basement. I’m thinking, POOL TABLE? AND BASEMENT? Sean is living in style, folks. I wish I had taken more pictures. Next time I go I will. They had a nice back deck, a dishwasher, washer and dryer, two bathrooms, the upstairs bathroom had an extra sink outside of the toilet/bath area, Annabelle’s and the master bedroom were HUGE, and the master bedroom had a small balcony looking out at the golf course. They have a garage too.

So J and I played pool, then we raced Sam a few times on our Mario Kart Wii game, and then Sean called and said it was time to pick him up. We rode with Sam to the Resort golf course and we got to see a pretty view of the lake inside the golf course. Then we drove out to Higgens point where they are getting married, and you have to walk up this hill to get there. Very nice view up there. Now that I’m typing this, I’m thinking about how I don’t have a dress for the wedding. Might have to go back to CDA and shop at Ross & get at least a skirt and a top.

After looking at the wedding site (and Sean and Sam were mad about a new bench lol) Lola jumped into the water and Sean had to sit with wet dog. Since J and I refused.  Then I was joking about Sean treating us to Tomato Street. Then someone suggested Olive Garden. No one was willing to pay of course. So Sam recommended a place that served really good nachos and we went there. Sam and Sean ordered a chicken one and J and I ordered one with black beans and rice. They had nice tomato toppings and other things. It was very tasty and J was eating it too fast if you ask me, next time I want my own! LOL

Then we went back to the duplex. Sean played some pool with us, a three way game, I can’t remember the name. And then we raced. Well, maybe we did that first. J and I played Wii Resort, that is a really good game. You have to have a better Wii remote to play it. Ours didn’t work. My favorite games on there were ping pong, speed slice, the waterski one, the cycling, the basketball, okay I had several favorites.

Trina, Bill and a friend of Trina’s named Phil came over. We played a quick game of D & D where we were stranded on a beach. Later we played Cranium. When that was over, J and I played more Wii Resort.

Sean brought a mattress up from the basement so I wouldn’t have to sleep down there (it’s colder down there). I slept fine. Slept in till 10:30am.

We went roller skating Sunday, that was alot of fun. I was having trouble with balancing at first, but got a hang of it. Had been too long.  I rented skates for J too, and he reluctantly tried it, and actually went out on the floor several times.

After that we went to Fred Meyer and I bought food with my credit card, mostly junk! But it included pizza with breadsticks and Pepsi. Those breadsticks were good. Then we played some pool, then Johnathan wanted to go home, we were driving home some time after 7:30pm.

Speaking of groceries, I’m going to try and stay on a budget for the month. It will be a small budget, food stamps and the $50 J gives me. I thought it would  be hard to cut down on Pepsi, but now I’m thinking it will be really hard to give up my expensive instant coffee. I might have to use my unemployment money just to get it! But recently, not in CDA but in Spokane, I spent too much on the credit card at Fred Meyer, so I need to watch it. I’ve been doing well the past few days, using food we already had, and I went to the store yesterday just to get radishes, green onions, and a stalk of celery. I used the onions last night and the celery today to make homemade pea soup, I had everything but the celery. I made a spreadsheet to keep track of my grocery spending.

I have free long distance now, and my CenturyLink bill will be cheaper than it already was, why didn’t I do this MONTHS ago? I should have asked months ago. I was going to just turn off Credo or switch  to Centurylink if it was cheaper. Well, it’s WAY cheaper and now I have unlimited long distance in the US.

Oh yeah, Sam and Sean have Netflix now, on their Wii. At home here a couple nights ago I watched Exam and then Shutter Island, both good movies! I might watch another instant one tonight.

Trying to decide if I should shut off the cable. The only reason we watch it now is because of the news. Unless I hear of some summer show I want to see.

Joined Deviant Art

I joined Deviant art today so I can fav several Dean/Castiel art pics, there are several good ones there. Using the same name there as here, but if you’re not into Dean/Castiel I wouldn’t look at my favorites list as there is lots of huggy goodness. LOL.

I still can’t believe I don’t get a day off this week – or next week, or next week! Not sure about the following week. I’m afraid to look. Work was really busy yesterday, and today I have to stay till 9pm, well every day I go in I have to stay till 9pm now, the time I show up varies. Today I go in at 3:30pm a little early to take care of some stuff before I have appts. It is going to be WEIRD staying till 9pm! I miss the days when we closed at 7pm (last year) lately we’ve been open till 8pm except weekends, starting next weekend though I think it’s till 9pm.

I’m uploading some of my old art to Deviant art now. Like my drawing of Janeway, watercolor of Bart Simpson, a Tara buddha pic, maybe more.

Hmm what have I been up to? Well, been writing on a new fic, OITO, played some Mario Kart Wii online last night, I wrote back to several ppl this morning that I owed an email to, still need to write to mom.  Even wrote on my gen fic Bobby’s house, but haven’t posted that chapter yet.

Remembered to mail J’s medical application. For renewal of free health insurance. Finally finished my disc of Six Feet Under, also got to see Ghost Hunters recently. Going to try Castle next on Netflix.

Almost done with The Mirror and The Mask by Ellen Hart. Will work on Final Breath by Kevin O’Brien  next, then Castaways by Brian Keene. I have to stop checking out library books for awhile after these, because of not using my car. But I have several books I owned saved up for reading, including Master of the Game, Blasphemy, Boy’s Life, Fatal Cure, and more.

I did some cleaning on Saturday. I am sitting here wondering what I will bring myself to eat to work night after night. I have no clue.

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year 2011 Pictures, Images and Photos
I don’t think I’ve updated for awhile. Partially because I recently downloaded the free trial version of Corel Video Studio Pro and got obsessed with making a couple of vids. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to by the half priced copy at Amazon, normally 100 bucks and down to 50.

I’ve also been considering buying myself an MP3 player, but can’t make myself buy it either, mainly because of money, but also because I don’t really need it, I just want it. First I thought I wanted the Creative Zen, but they were misadvertising what a 2GB player could do (J told me) and for the size I need, they are too expensive. Plus other things reviewers were saying made me look elsewhere. It has a sleek looking interface though.

Then I was looking at something else, I think it was a Sansa, but someone said the video quality was not good, and one of the main reasons I want an MP3 player is so I can watch my favorite YT videos whenever.

Then I was looking at a Sony Walkman, specifically one like this:

The userface is rather boring, but it seems to have good video playback (nice crisp screen, and you can make the screen wider by watching it sideways. I also like how there are speakers, so if you lose or break the headphones, you can still use the MP3 player. You can use the radio on it, and then if a song you like comes on, record it. This version holds enough video room and song room to keep me happy. It’s almost $100, so putting it off.

Yesterday we played Donkey Kong Country Returns A LOT for our New Year’s ritual. I was playing some of the Volcano (last world) levels right before midnight. We were alternating between playing Donkey Kong and Professor Layton on the Nintendo DS. I was playing the newest game, the 3rd one, Unwound Future, and J was playing the 1st one again.

Another thing, we started watching Undercover Boss on Instant Netflix on the 30th. We watched 3 episodes. It’s pretty good.

I REALLY need to get some cleaning done today. Like really really badly. Gonna start here in a minute.

Tuesday I start work here in town, and the first week I technically have to work 7 days in a row, because I have to show up to 3 hour meetings out of town on my days off (looks like my days off will be Wed & Thurs)

I finished Ice Cold, by Tess Gerritsen, it was good! I really recommend her stuff. I changed the Books 2010 on my blog to Books 2011 and added her book on the list, even though I read most of it in 2010, I finished it in 2011, so that’s when I list it. I was going to erase all of 2010’s books but then thought, why do that when I can have it under the current list? So it’s still there.

Alright now to clean. Fun times.

Snowy Saturday

J’s taking a quick nap. I just finished playing some Eternal Sonota in his room, haven’t played that one in awhile. He wants me to take him to Bimart, and I want to return A Gathering of Crows since I finished it. It was good! I’m still not letting myself put another book on hold until I finish one more book. I started Mirror and the Mask by Ellen Hart yesterday and it’s pretty good. I did go and get Atlas Shrugged for my one fat book at at time. The next book I want to put on hold is Tess Gerritsen‘s newest book, and after that, Stieg Larsson‘s second book.

It’s been snowing quite a bit. So much for being able to see the grass in the backyard.

Oh yeah J was willing to race me a couple times last night on Mario Kart Wii, that was nice.

Day off but busy

I rearranged the pantry closet and put the rest of the food away from Fred Meyer, started the dishes and then went on errands – it was really cold and windy out there. Went to the library, returned books, mailed back Netflix, went to Bimart to check my number, was hoping to win a $250 Bimart giftcard – didn’t, but was one number off from winning a $100 gift card! I was hoping to win and use the gift card to buy necessities in the coming months like soap, TP, shampoo, etc. I’ll try next Tuesday.

Went to Great Clips and dropped off some food that was in my pantry that I didn’t want (they had a food bank barrel there) and then to Safeway to get a few things.

I called DSHS for my food stamps appointment this morning, didn’t get through several times, but when I did I was told we’d only get $192 food stamps a month (about half what we were getting) because J is in college and doesn’t have a job. So he is ineligible to receive food stamps.

So, we’re going to have to stop buying Boost, or buy very little. I’ll have to finally give up my favorite flavored coffee, although I was getting close to having to give it up anyway because the company was getting rid of my favorite flavor anyway and replacing it with a lighter cappuccino flavor.

I’ll also have to spend cash on food when I get my paychecks, I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to, so I could save extra money for a later day. Oh well.

I’m going to have to be pounding the pavement or whatever they call it to get a job when done with my current job.

I also cleaned up my favorites list on my browser, and removed several apps I don’t use on FB anymore (they were telling me I didn’t have room for a bookmark for Mall World, a game I play daily)

Been listening and watching vids on YT on the TV – the Wii internet channel was being lousy though and not finding one of my favorite House fanvids on a search, I tried several dif wordings and finally just made a brand new playlist with Windmill, Windmill, (House) at the top (through my laptop), so I was able to finally reach it on Wii’s YT! It’s a great general fanvid.

To save money, I am considering turning off the long distance on the home phone and just using the Tracfones for that. Haven’t decided yet. Also if I’m going to pay for Tracfone I gotta do it again soon. Also considering turning off the cable, but not quite ready to do that (maybe in the summer)

Speaking of this summer, I might have to move. I don’t want to, but J was saying he might move in with Amy. If they can afford it. The way things are going though, I don’t know what to expect. Amy came over upset that her financial aide was put off for yet another quarter. And then there is the thing about not getting food stamps if you don’t have a job. They were counting on getting food stamps if they were living together. We’ll see.

Then I told Sean and he said I could move in with him, and I will definetly keep that as an option (I had thought they wouldnt’ want me, but remember now he’s used to roomates. I’m kinda hoping I can stay in WA a little longer though. And Cheney, since I hate moving.

I need to do at least one load of laundry today. Don’t want to go out in that wind!

Other news – when we went shopping Sunday, I found a nice coat at Kmart – sort of a green-blue color, has fuzzy lining in parts of the inside, has a hood, has fuzzy pockets, and can zip a partial face cover over me if needed. It was only $34, since it was 50% off. I really needed a new coat, because the fleece one I had been using, the buttons constantly pop open. I was rebuttoning over and over while walking to bus stops. Now I can zip my coat shut again. And if the zipper breaks (what happened to my last winter coat I bought) there are snaps at least. The fleece one will be my emergency coat.

J’s at Amy’s today. Seems we are never home at the same time.

Oh yeah, J bought me a video game at Trade a Game Sunday, it’s Diddy Kong Racing 64 . Because I liked the picture on the back of the box, looked like there was a christmasy looking race track. There is, several of them, and one has a really pretty spot with a huge moon in a night sky and christmas trees and lit up houses in the snow. Game is hard to control though! Played Mario Kart Wii last night after playing the Diddy game, and I was banging into walls constantly because I had forgotten how to steer – diddy game is very haphazard.

I bought J the latest Professor Layton game on the DS for Christmas last week, we’ve both been having fun playing that. Johnathan was weirded out by the plot, now that I know what he’s talking about, I am too (like my mind won’t except it! LOL and it’s just a game)