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Not Enough time in the day

Would love to be retired and have all the time in the world because there is so much I want to do and not enough time to do it!

Plus my job is crazy as usual – today wasn’t too bad, I got a high compliment from a customer today so that was nice. Then there was a ‘change’ for the better – something we’re allowed to do again (for months we were no longer allowed, now that we are allowed again, life there will be just slightly easier).

At work I did bring up with some co-workers that agree, there are a few perks to our job, and I have to admit they are a huge reason I have trouble getting motivated to look for other work even though the current one drives me nuts. Perks are – we have a steady schedule. We know when we are going to be at work and we know when we are going to be done (there is the risk of being stuck late, usually no more than a half hour), we always get our days off. We don’t have to worry (I better not jinx things here) about being called into work on our day off or after we’ve gone home. (I’ve seen it happen to supervisors though). They never ask me to show up on Saturday, well actually they will ask everyone through email very occasionally, and usually other people volunteer because they want overtime. I volunteered once because it was for a project that was not our usual work. But they don’t make you show up on your day off. Also we almost always get holidays off such as Labor day, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Christmas (without pay) but I like it that I don’t have to worry about being stuck working on a holiday.

Oh I wanted to write more but it’s getting late. Maybe tomorrow. Briefly – today I did some cleaning, I watched Warehouse 13 with my son, I was hoping he’d like it too but he’s not too interested he said it’s too ‘cop show’. I will continue to watch. I like the premise – a secret warehouse of supernatural objects and secret agents need to collect them. Reminds me of Friday the 13th the Series (which had nothing to do with the movies)

Pretty Little Liars season finale was on last night. That show is getting dark. Also, I just read the first book. It’s short. Will read more through the library. The book is pretty close to the show, with little differences. I hear they get quite different from the show though, which makes sense because if they just used the plot from the books, no one would be surprised and there would be no mystery if they already read the books.

I ordered the new download content pack for Mario Kart Wii U, I think it was an advanced purchase so won’t have everything yet, but I will have new racetracks to try, new characters to use, new cars.

So on Netflix, I want to watch/have been watching Pretty little liars, Warehouse 13, Hemlock Grove, The Fosters, maybe watch Orange is the New Black, been watching Arrow with my son, Persons Unknown, Life…

I need to get ready for bed.


Writing stuff down

Yesterday I discovered and was adding a lot of my books to it. Plan to do some more today. Also decided I really need to finish reading a lot of my books that I’ve left hanging. Currently trying to finish the 2nd Frankenstein book since a friend loaned it to me, and a William Slater book that shouldn’t take to long to finish, The Last Universe.

I started playing Paper Mario for the Wii again on Friday.

I had this huge urge to go to Barnes and Noble, and if I had a car I would have just drove over there. Right now I’m thinking of going to Auntie’s bookstore because it’s downtown where the buses stop and wouldn’t take such a huge chunk of my day to go there, plus I could stop at the tea shop downtown too.

Not that I should be buying books I have tons of books to read. But I want to go look. I also decided to order some books I want to try from the library.

I really need to get some cleaning today, already vacuumed and started the dishes, need to get back to the dishes and also need to start laundry.

Started this amazon order just so I can get Oolong tea and then you have to add out stuff so you get free shipping….still working on it

The reason why I suddenly need Oolong tea is Safeway changed the recipe in my favorite iced tea – Oolong peach, and I’m really disappointed. It used to taste fresh brewed and now it tastes very different, probably it’s made from a concentrated powder now. It’s not worth spending my money on, that is for sure. And it used to be so good 😦

I watched a couple of episodes of Dominion last week and enjoyed them, but far as I know that’s all that was available on SyFy’s website, so I guess I have to wait awhile for Netflix. (hopefully). I want to try have to have time today to watch something on Netflix, maybe The Fosters or an episode of Pretty Little Liars.

Kinda tired today

Felt rather tired today even though I went to bed by 10pm or so last night. Not a not-enough-sleep tired but a not-much-energy tired.

Work actually wasn’t too bad. They gave me a very low stress project to work on for a few hours and then I had to go back to the same old grind. It was a nice break, I be doing it tomorrow too but probably for not as long.

I woke up this morning and felt accomplished for getting so many things done last night. It was a good feeling. Still staying off twitter and even stayed off Tumblr tonight, usually I go there after Pretty Little Liars and read the PLL Theories tag. And stay up late. I’m staying up later than I wanted to tonight, but after PLL was over I wanted to read more of “Falling.” It’s really good and I’m 70% finished so might finish it tonight.

Thinking about The Happiness Trap – I still need to write down my goals and values and start focusing on them, especially the values, the book points out it’s important to enjoy your values while striving for goals. I’ll explain more when less tired.

Today I walked over to the store after work and got a few things and got bangs cut on the way back, so they are no longer in my eyes.

#AskSupernatural: That time Supernatural regret to ask for their fans’ opinion

#AskSupernatural: That time Supernatural regret to ask for their fans’ opinion.

To Watch or not to Watch?

I still haven’t made a decision on whether or not I’ll watch Supernatural this fall. I went from pretty excited for the new season after reading some excellent Destiel meta to wondering if my heart can take it anymore after Jensen’s opinion on Destiel at JIB.

Why am I thinking/feeling this way? I’m a hard-core Destiel shipper. It’s gotten to the point that I mainly watch the show for Dean/Cas scenes. Or any scene that speaks to their relationship. I’m emotionally invested in their relationship, and Jensen’s comment that he didn’t mind that there were less Dean/Cas scenes…and you know the rest….anyway, this comment makes me afraid. Afraid of even less Dean/Cas scenes, and afraid that Jensen will consciously change what he’s doing. He already claims he’s not acting Destiel, but I still see it. And feel it. And if he decides to tone it way down, I might be really disappointed.

Also,the plot in general hasn’t been making sense to me in years, although this thing with Crowley and Dean and Dean being a demon is interesting, but still, I’m wondering if I should take an emotional break from it all. I can still ship Destiel and read fanfics make vids etc.

Also, it’s still a thorn in my side that Castiel was a bad guy just for talking with and doing stuff with Crowley back when he turned into Godstiel, they considered him such a traitor for it, yet now currently Dean and Sam do whatever they need to with Crowley because Crowley’s handy (just as Castiel did)

The only reason I would ever even forgive that plot oversight would be if it brought Dean and Castiel closer to each other in the future.

And then, all that build up in Season 8 and then pretty much nothing? At least it’s canon that Castiel loves Dean. At least I got that.

So, I haven’t decided yet. I also want Castiel to be in every single episode and constantly with the Winchesters, and I’m disappointed when that doesn’t happen. So if I hear that suddenly Cas will be in every episode, move into the bunker and be a regular, I’ll watch.

I’m going to leave this here for now, more thoughts later

Sooo many things to do its not funny

I haven’t updated this blog in forever. I’ve recently started watching a lot of new shows, reading a lot of new books, and listening to a lot of new music.

I need to make a new CD for my car. Got a bunch of new free music yesterday from amazon.

Shows I watched today:


  1. Legend of the Seeker
  2. Touch
  3. Bones
  4. Once Upon A Time
  5. Madmen (not finished)
  6. The Simpsons
  7. New Girl

I’m going to read some of Personal Demons on my kindle before bed, read some earlier too

Games I played today:

  1. Blur
  2. Eternal Sonata
  3.  Tried to play MySims Racing and it failed on me (got frozen before the game started)
  4. Build-A-Lot On Vacation (laptop)
  5. New Gardenscapes game (laptop)

I’m currently listening to Zelda Dubstep music

Trying to decide if I should go to the Buddhist meditation class tomorrow evening.

Did some laundry and some dishes today. It was a pretty day outside.

Helped my son by taking pictures of his homework he left here and emailing the picture of pages. Tried to hook up the scanner but I think it’s broke for good. It just won’t work.