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Writing stuff down

Yesterday I discovered librarything.com and was adding a lot of my books to it. Plan to do some more today. Also decided I really need to finish reading a lot of my books that I’ve left hanging. Currently trying to finish the 2nd Frankenstein book since a friend loaned it to me, and a William Slater book that shouldn’t take to long to finish, The Last Universe.

I started playing Paper Mario for the Wii again on Friday.

I had this huge urge to go to Barnes and Noble, and if I had a car I would have just drove over there. Right now I’m thinking of going to Auntie’s bookstore because it’s downtown where the buses stop and wouldn’t take such a huge chunk of my day to go there, plus I could stop at the tea shop downtown too.

Not that I should be buying books I have tons of books to read. But I want to go look. I also decided to order some books I want to try from the library.

I really need to get some cleaning today, already vacuumed and started the dishes, need to get back to the dishes and also need to start laundry.

Started this amazon order just so I can get Oolong tea and then you have to add out stuff so you get free shipping….still working on it

The reason why I suddenly need Oolong tea is Safeway changed the recipe in my favorite iced tea – Oolong peach, and I’m really disappointed. It used to taste fresh brewed and now it tastes very different, probably it’s made from a concentrated powder now. It’s not worth spending my money on, that is for sure. And it used to be so good 😦

I watched a couple of episodes of Dominion last week and enjoyed them, but far as I know that’s all that was available on SyFy’s website, so I guess I have to wait awhile for Netflix. (hopefully). I want to try have to have time today to watch something on Netflix, maybe The Fosters or an episode of Pretty Little Liars.


I was good

I decided to try working on my new fan vid a little each evening.  The reason I’ve avoided it on weekdays is because once I start I don’t want to stop. I managed to work on it just now and told myself a half hour, did it for 45 minutes, but still I’m proud of myself for quitting before an hour was up.

The program froze up on me and I had to restart some of what I did, that is my excuse for taking longer.

My son and I watched Walking Dead Episode 1 today, it’s pretty good.

I listened to my new music CD in the car, I got some really nice free music from amazon, I’m surprised. One of the new songs I’m using for my video.

Yesterday I watched some Hoarders, once again I am wondering why people that are so abusive to animals aren’t just arrested.

Today I was lucky and got off work at 4:30.