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Books and Big Fish Games

I suddenly have goals with Big Fish games. Yes, a fun goal 🙂

The thing is I have bought LOTS of Big Fish games that I haven’t finished, so I made a spreadsheet of the games I own and marked if I finished them or not, and decided I MUST finish 10 of them before I can be allowed to buy another game. Then after that, 6 more. I have a column of games I do want to buy in the future to remind me of what I’m looking forward to.

Several of the Big Fish Games I got bored with, but I am still making myself finish them before buying more!

Then, books. I recently bought myself several books. Even though I already have plenty to read. Which means I need to read more, and I have been doing so. But I have a rant about a recent purchase. I decided to buy “American Elsewhere” used from amazon, because I thought it was going to be in almost new condition, but it has a HUGE split halfway through the book, so when I read it, it is lopsided on one side….I don’t like it. I wish I’d bought it new, or just continued to read it from the library. It’s a really good book and a thick book. I’ve even considered buying it NEW and giving away this copy, but new it is at least $17 or more depending on where I get it.

Plus I talked myself out of buying this book that was almost $16 new yesterday at the store, I finally went to the Auntie’s Bookstore in downtown Spokane yesterday. But I liked the cover so I might be drawn to it later. I also recently bought some new books from amazon that are on their way. I am thinking of making a spreadsheet of books I need to finish and then write the books I want to get once I read a certain number of my books. I am thinking of setting a goal of 5 books and then I can buy another. But I don’t know if I would stick to this!! As in I would go to the bookstore and see more than one book I want to buy. Or when ordering on amazon, I always order at least $35 of stuff so I can get the free shipping.

But I think I will at least try it. I am also making myself buy less groceries and use the stuff I’ve already stocked up on, and also I’ve stopped buying bottled iced tea all together, bought a whole bunch of Lipton bags and also Oolong bags, and bought this peach syrup  through amazon – at first I thought I didn’t like it, but I am learning to like it. It’s just the Torani syrup which I have added to my amazon subscribe and save. Safeway used to make my favorite iced tea – Oolong Peach, and then they changed the recipe and I don’t like it anymore and it’s not worth $1 or so a bottle so I am making homemade iced tea and I know it’s a lot cheaper.

Plus I’ve stocked up on other stuff I got on amazon like this cheap wheat farina by Bob’s Red Mill. Waaay cheaper than Cream of Wheat. Then I tried it and it’s a bit TOO creamy for me. Needs more texture. So I bought a box of Cream of Wheat – at Fred Meyer – Safeway wanted $4 something a box! and I use a very tiny amount of the Cream of wheat with the Bob’s stuff and it has enough texture now.  And all that I’ve got now will probably last me through the winter.

I’ve been buying more grocery stuff on amazon through subscribe and save or just buying it on amazon because I no longer have a car and they deliver it to me. I definitely still have to walk to the store every week to get groceries.


Writing stuff down

Yesterday I discovered librarything.com and was adding a lot of my books to it. Plan to do some more today. Also decided I really need to finish reading a lot of my books that I’ve left hanging. Currently trying to finish the 2nd Frankenstein book since a friend loaned it to me, and a William Slater book that shouldn’t take to long to finish, The Last Universe.

I started playing Paper Mario for the Wii again on Friday.

I had this huge urge to go to Barnes and Noble, and if I had a car I would have just drove over there. Right now I’m thinking of going to Auntie’s bookstore because it’s downtown where the buses stop and wouldn’t take such a huge chunk of my day to go there, plus I could stop at the tea shop downtown too.

Not that I should be buying books I have tons of books to read. But I want to go look. I also decided to order some books I want to try from the library.

I really need to get some cleaning today, already vacuumed and started the dishes, need to get back to the dishes and also need to start laundry.

Started this amazon order just so I can get Oolong tea and then you have to add out stuff so you get free shipping….still working on it

The reason why I suddenly need Oolong tea is Safeway changed the recipe in my favorite iced tea – Oolong peach, and I’m really disappointed. It used to taste fresh brewed and now it tastes very different, probably it’s made from a concentrated powder now. It’s not worth spending my money on, that is for sure. And it used to be so good 😦

I watched a couple of episodes of Dominion last week and enjoyed them, but far as I know that’s all that was available on SyFy’s website, so I guess I have to wait awhile for Netflix. (hopefully). I want to try have to have time today to watch something on Netflix, maybe The Fosters or an episode of Pretty Little Liars.

Reading, lots of reading

I just finished Jack Kilborn’s Trapped this morning, and it is a really gruesome, sick and twisted book. But that’s why I wanted to read it, Jack Kilborn comes up with some crazy stuff, just like he did in Endurance. I still haven’t finished his book Afraid, but I keep getting to the point where I’m not sure where the plot is going. I didn’t have that trouble with Endurance or Trapped.

I’m also reading The Passage by Justin Cronin and it’s good so far and I want to read more today. It’s fat and I can only have it for two weeks. But I decided I better work on American Gods by Neil Gaiman first, it’s due in a few days. It’s weird but interesting.  I’ve been trying to read more. Also trying to write more.

I ordered four books from amazon on writing and once I get them I’m really hoping they will help me write a full length novel. I had been trying to write on one, then my writing went flat and I wasn’t sure where I was going, so I tried writing on another story, just for practice. I don’t think anyone but me would like this one unless I changed it. I’m hoping to write something even if just a paragraph, every day.

I have so many books piled up to read it’s not funny. And I’m trying to pay attention to how the authors put words together, to inspire me to write better.

Been getting into new music as well. I thought of this video I liked once, looked it up and found out the singer was Skin. I listened to more of her songs on YT and really like this one called Trashed a lot. But it wasn’t available for sale on amazon as an mp3 so I ordered the CD with the song in it. At least I know for sure there is one more song I will like, but geez $10 is a lot to pay for a couple of songs, hope I like more songs on the CD.

Also been listening to Snow Patrol. Someone on Tumblr mentioned a song by them called Make this Last Forever (I think) and I tried it on YT and it’s really good. So I bought it and this other song called Lifeboats that I like a lot. Then I looked and the library had more than one CD of their music so I checked out two of them and have been listening to them while I clean.

Speaking of Tumblr, I started a new book recommendation blog and so far have only received 3 submissions. Really hoping to get more book recs! Almost all the ones I post are my own. http://bookrecommendations.tumblr.com/ If you want to leave comment here for a book rec, just leave title and author and I’ll list you as anon if you don’t have a tumblr.

So very tired…

Agh I want a day off so bad. Can’t even comprehend how I will go another 9 days without a day off. I envy you ppl without a job but yet have financial security, HARD. I want to be you.

Last night J made me finish his FASFA with him. I was tired and not feeling good but we did it. I seem to be getting a cold. Last night we were supposed to be there till 10pm but boss let us leave at 9pm, thank goodness cos all I could think about was getting home to a hot bath and orange juice. I had the chills at work.

I got my tax return early! It’s supposed to show up on Fridays but IRS must have put it in my bank Friday the 4th and then my bank held it for the weekend. But still that was very fast, it took less than a week for the IRS to process it.

And getting the refund on Monday, the timing was perfect. I thought I was going to have to use both checking accts to pay for it, or use one and then credit card. But because I got my refund, I was able to pay the $256 with my main debit card. YAY!

I fixed ONLY the power steering in my car. I was hoping it was a $50 fix, like the mechanic said it might be, but $250 isn’t bad when I thought it was the rack and that would have been $600 (the reason I put it off, plus I had no money. So I still need to fix the motor mounts and some other thing. But it is nice being able to drive it to the store again. We really needed that. I went to Safeway briefly yesterday.

Haven’t been able to write creatively, when I try nothing good comes out. If I had some days off it would probably be easier.

I finished Final Breath, it was good. Now reading Castaways by Brian Keene, it is also good. About Surviors type reality show contestants who end up in a bad situation (it’s horror). I’ve never cared for Survivors but this is good.

I tried Nurse Jackie on Netflix and it’s something I think I can watch again. I don’t think I would like Nurse Jackie the person in real life. But she makes an intriguing character. I also tried Castle, but I just can’t see myself getting attached to those characters at all. So I am renting NJ again, don’t know about Castle. Ghost Hunters is coming next, Merlin S2 is still on Very Long Wait in my Q.

Been playing Etrian Odyssey III at times like this morning, just to veg out.


I have so many books I wanna read it’s ridiculous!

Some of them are ‘just okay’ but I’m half-way through them or more so thinking I should finish them so I can write them on my list. Which is making me wonder for next year (which is coming up real soon) maybe I should ONLY read the ones that are keeping my interest the whole time? IDK. My list would end up a lot shorter.

I picked up this book called Vigil by Robert Masello at the library yesterday (along with several other books) and it is REALLY GOOD!! About a very mysterious fossil found in Italy and some ancient parchement in Isreal or something – and I want to read it but also trying to finish some that are due a lot sooner.

Books I am reading right now that include books I own (two of them anyway)

  1. Roadside Crosses by Jeffery Deaver
  2. The Etruscan Chimera by Lyn Hamilton
  3. Sweet Poison by Ellen Hart
  4. The Gold Falcon by Katherine Kerr
  5. The Favored Child by Phillipa Gregory
  6. A Gathering of Crows by Brian Keene
  7. Blasphemy by Douglas Preston
  8. Brain by Robin Cook
  9. Vigil by Robert Masello
  10. Servant of the Bones by Anne Rice

That’s what I can think of right now.

It’s really cold today. The wind was blowing horriblly last night. I can see snow blowing around outside.  I should be balancing my checkbook and filling out a foodstamps review app but I might play some of my new game first and read some more. Johnathan bought me Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii. 🙂 it’s an early Christmas present. Bought with his blood money. (Plasma) What a sweetie.

Sunny day!

Wow! It’s sunny with blue sky! It’s been too long, especially for here. We usually don’t go a whole 2 weeks without sun!

I forgot to say yesterday I had to take an online exam for my work, had to take it twice actually. Today I’m going to have to go to the library to print off stuff for that job. Ugh. I wish my printer still worked.

I thought I was going to bed at midnight last night. Then I realized everyone on twitter was voting for Supernatural to be on the cover of TV guide and it was the last day. So I stayed up till midnight voting after my shower, then read Fear The Worst by Linwood Barclay till almost 1am.

What I’m really upset about is I set my alarm for 8am but didn’t get out of bed till 9:40 or so, oh why did I crawl back into bed?

I was even writing on one of my fics last night, THTV, and decided to rewrite the whole chapter I’ve been trying to write, and even quit doing it instead of staying up late to write. I might try to write a little more this morning. But I know it will take me a LOONG time to get it done.

Goals for today:

  1. Write some of THTV or at least one of my fics
  2. Print out that stuff for work
  3. Meditate maybe? I’ve forgotten all about it
  4. Read something today, not just at bedtime
  5. Watch the news tonight to see how the election is going

Guess what – I did all the dishes last night! Wooeee the sink is clean LOL

I have a secret – I think it was Saturday not sure, but we watched an episode of Dexter – 5.02 on the laptop, because I found a link to a place that let us watch it. Woooeee! So hopefully soon we’ll catch up on more Dexter.

Daily stuff

Made Mexican rice tonight for dinner. I was starving, so scarfing it down. J. woke up in time from his nap for a hot dinner : )

I started applying for SLT today, will finish tomorrow. Need to ask job counselor some questions about it.

I got all the dishes done today, well until we ate dinner. But that’s an accomplishment, I usually leaves some pot or big bowl for later.

Can’t decide on whether to take the bus or drive..if I take the bus I either need to show up super early or at the last minute. Well I rechecked the schedule, I would actually be arriving a little earlier than I thought. So I can take the last minute bus if I want. Now I just have to face walking a bunch with heels….yuck. Or finding a interview worthy outfit where I can wear my flats instead.

I read a small amount of A Rose for a Crown today while waiting for the other computer to boot up. So not much reading at all today. Not even sure I read any of Roadside Crosses this morning. Just turned off the Netflix (Universe series) so I can get a little bit of reading in before House comes on.

I thought of a goal I wanted to mention here, but can’t remember it!

Saturdays need to be longer…

Blue Buddha and blue bird
But I did get to do some of the stuff I wanted to do, and am about to do more.

I’m listening to my playlist atm – http://www.playlist.com/playlist/14614233611

as I write this.  The song “I remember” which I found on a search.

I changed my sheets, sorta started cleaning the bathroom but not really, I changed the sheets on my bed, I made veggie hot dogs even though they were old, but they didn’t smell bad so I ate them.  Did some reading –

  1. Fear the Worst by Linwood Barclay
  2. Roadside Crosses by Jeffery Deaver
  3. The Etruscan Chimera by Lyn Hamilton
  4. Sweet Poison by Ellen Hart

Not really sure if I read more of the Dolled up for Murder one…but ya I need to focus on just a few of them so I can finish something.

I like the Jeffery Deaver book – it’s about current internet “speak”, and cyberbullying – cyberbullying is NOT cool but some of the “posts” in the book for the sake of the story crack me up. I just love some of today’s popular words and expressions.

I  did go for  a walk today, it was cloudy but I still took the camera. Will try to post some of those tomorrow or soon. I also remembered to meditate, for about 10 minutes again.

Last night I was thinking how a book written in 1996 (I read one recently – Trick or Treat Murder, and it wasn’t that good) seems like history now – I mean ppl weren’t texting each other then or checking their FB. Funny how much of a difference a few years can make. These days I read a book and if I don’t see something like ‘cell phone’ being used I look at the publication date to see if it’s a dinosaur, but most of the books I check out seem to be published in the 2000-2010 decade.