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Got my car back

Got my car back after 1pm, only one motor mount needed to be fixed, and the mechanic said that the vibrating thing the car does is the transmission, so it will still vibrate, and it’s something not worth fixing and the car should still go on for awhile with it doing that. So, my car is in okay shape for running around now.

I got a call from a potential employer this morning and they’d like me to come in and take a test, it’s for a call center so it involves listening to headphones and typing in what I hear. I’m not sure I’ll pass the speed of their test but I’m going to try. Planning on driving in tomorrow. Then I plan to meet Lorin for lunch at Red Lobster, I have a gift card for that place.

What I’m concerned about is getting my weekly job stuff done in time. Tomorrow is Thursday. I attempted to apply for a job today, which included printing out the app at the library and then attempting to handwrite it here, but I goofed up. So now I am thinking of getting a printer tomorrow.  I have two applications that need to be typed onto a PDF and printed. You can’t save a PDF and I no longer want to use PDF Escape, it looks pretty bad once printed out. Like a bad fax copy.  And I need to be able to print out a cover letter on nice paper too.

So I’m going to be very busy tomorrow. Also need to stop at Fred Meyer while in town and get some groceries. So I’ll have to work on both applications tomorrow in the afternoon. I really prefer to do that sort of thing in the morning, but don’t want to miss my deadline on Friday for making my weekly claim.

So will get up early tomorrow, and work on the cover letters, I can at least save those. And plan to work on the apps, hopefully if I find a printer I like.

My crown came out again. The one I spent $184 to fix. All I did was put a piece of taffy in my mouth, I never chew taffy on that side anymore, but I stuck it in my mouth and it touched the crown and the crown came off.

I’ve been sticking to my goal of cleaning up clutter a half hour a day. Did it watching Eerie Indiana today. Will be harder to find time tomorrow.

I got to go to the library! I got all the books I wanted, the one I want to read the most I’m going to read tonight after my shower. Desert Places by Blake Crouch. I made a request for the library to order Endurance by Jack Kilborn, I also really want to read that one.

Doing dishes tonight, I’ve been doing better at keeping the kitchen cleaner. Watching Hoarders (I watched 2-3 episodes today while doing stuff) makes me want to keep the place clean and organized, even though I’m no where close to a hoarder.


Memorial weekend trip

I still haven’t posted about our weekend trip. First let me say I felt bad knowing I missed Dad’s birthday when he was actually in Missoula on Saturday.

But last week whenever I called the mechanic he said he couldn’t give me a ride home, his mom wasn’t there. So I finally took the car over this morning and I should have it back Monday afternoon.

When we got to Sean’s, he lives right across from a golf course, so Sam asked me to park down the street so I wouldn’t get my car’s glass broken by golf balls.  When I first saw Annabelle inside, she was in her high chair in the kitchen, and was very smiley and happy to see me 🙂 Annabelle is such a happy baby, she was often content to play with her toys.

We were sitting there with Sam in the living room and she mentions Sean has a pool table in the basement. I’m thinking, POOL TABLE? AND BASEMENT? Sean is living in style, folks. I wish I had taken more pictures. Next time I go I will. They had a nice back deck, a dishwasher, washer and dryer, two bathrooms, the upstairs bathroom had an extra sink outside of the toilet/bath area, Annabelle’s and the master bedroom were HUGE, and the master bedroom had a small balcony looking out at the golf course. They have a garage too.

So J and I played pool, then we raced Sam a few times on our Mario Kart Wii game, and then Sean called and said it was time to pick him up. We rode with Sam to the Resort golf course and we got to see a pretty view of the lake inside the golf course. Then we drove out to Higgens point where they are getting married, and you have to walk up this hill to get there. Very nice view up there. Now that I’m typing this, I’m thinking about how I don’t have a dress for the wedding. Might have to go back to CDA and shop at Ross & get at least a skirt and a top.

After looking at the wedding site (and Sean and Sam were mad about a new bench lol) Lola jumped into the water and Sean had to sit with wet dog. Since J and I refused.  Then I was joking about Sean treating us to Tomato Street. Then someone suggested Olive Garden. No one was willing to pay of course. So Sam recommended a place that served really good nachos and we went there. Sam and Sean ordered a chicken one and J and I ordered one with black beans and rice. They had nice tomato toppings and other things. It was very tasty and J was eating it too fast if you ask me, next time I want my own! LOL

Then we went back to the duplex. Sean played some pool with us, a three way game, I can’t remember the name. And then we raced. Well, maybe we did that first. J and I played Wii Resort, that is a really good game. You have to have a better Wii remote to play it. Ours didn’t work. My favorite games on there were ping pong, speed slice, the waterski one, the cycling, the basketball, okay I had several favorites.

Trina, Bill and a friend of Trina’s named Phil came over. We played a quick game of D & D where we were stranded on a beach. Later we played Cranium. When that was over, J and I played more Wii Resort.

Sean brought a mattress up from the basement so I wouldn’t have to sleep down there (it’s colder down there). I slept fine. Slept in till 10:30am.

We went roller skating Sunday, that was alot of fun. I was having trouble with balancing at first, but got a hang of it. Had been too long.  I rented skates for J too, and he reluctantly tried it, and actually went out on the floor several times.

After that we went to Fred Meyer and I bought food with my credit card, mostly junk! But it included pizza with breadsticks and Pepsi. Those breadsticks were good. Then we played some pool, then Johnathan wanted to go home, we were driving home some time after 7:30pm.

Speaking of groceries, I’m going to try and stay on a budget for the month. It will be a small budget, food stamps and the $50 J gives me. I thought it would  be hard to cut down on Pepsi, but now I’m thinking it will be really hard to give up my expensive instant coffee. I might have to use my unemployment money just to get it! But recently, not in CDA but in Spokane, I spent too much on the credit card at Fred Meyer, so I need to watch it. I’ve been doing well the past few days, using food we already had, and I went to the store yesterday just to get radishes, green onions, and a stalk of celery. I used the onions last night and the celery today to make homemade pea soup, I had everything but the celery. I made a spreadsheet to keep track of my grocery spending.

I have free long distance now, and my CenturyLink bill will be cheaper than it already was, why didn’t I do this MONTHS ago? I should have asked months ago. I was going to just turn off Credo or switch  to Centurylink if it was cheaper. Well, it’s WAY cheaper and now I have unlimited long distance in the US.

Oh yeah, Sam and Sean have Netflix now, on their Wii. At home here a couple nights ago I watched Exam and then Shutter Island, both good movies! I might watch another instant one tonight.

Trying to decide if I should shut off the cable. The only reason we watch it now is because of the news. Unless I hear of some summer show I want to see.

New browser

The day before yesterday, I was really having trouble with Internet Explorer. It kept freezing up on me. Yesterday I tried to update it and the computer said I couldn’t, something was missing.

Not only had IE been freezing, it was having trouble scrolling and being really slow. So I decided to try Google Chrome and I like it a lot. Your new tab page can be customized to have a pretty background with apps that you pick out on it, and my favorites bar (which is called bookmarks) is taking the place of my old Yahoo Toolbar (GC couldn’t use Yahoo Toolbar) and it looks better actually. I’ll print screen sometime and post a pic. Anyway, Google Chrome works really fast, I like it.

Yesterday I spent to much time playing around, getting new apps, going to YB (www.myyearbook.com) where I haven’t been to in forever,  to play Carniball, 3 Point Shootout, and Find It. Brings back memories LOL.

I also got a new thingy for using Twitter, called Twimbow, and you have to get an invite for that. I got an invite from a stranger that I added. I was also using Tweetdeck and just plain twitter to tweet yesterday. Twimbow is colorful looking and one advantage is you can have a search list on the right side, I typed in Supernatural, and that word gets a lot of tweets. I actually made two new friends yesterday doing that, commenting on their tweets. Well for sure I think one friend.

I have to get used to clicking on tabs at the top now, rather than clicking different windows on the bottom like I always did with IE.

Yesterday I tried Glee because I saw people were tweeting about the season finale. I couldn’t get into it, too much singing and the characters weren’t interesting to me, but I might give it another try because it has more than one gay couple on the show. This was on instant Netflix BTW.

Also tried Sherlock which suddenly showed up in Instant Netflix but it wasnt keeping my interest either. So I switched to Twin Peaks, but that show is just weird and sorta pointless now that they’ve solved Laura’s murder. I still watch every now and then because I like the characters.

Also watched the House Finale last night (I was at meditation class in Spokane Monday night). WOW they really went all out on the Season finale, as in big shock factor, not sure how they can even work next season after what happened!

On Monday I applied for one job that wasn’t FT, yesterday on FT job, I really hope I find more FT that I qualify for so I get my benefits from unemployment. I got a letter in the mail saying I will get a payment this week (I think)

Oh on Monday after meditation class, I went to Fred Meyer and got a new laptop cooler. It was interesting, I went to electronics, and the workers looked all over and said sorry, they didn’t think they had any more. Then I went over to the magazines and the woman chased after me with one, saying she found one! I was so happy! I had been debating in my head whether to bother with FM or not after class, and now I’m glad I went. I also got vitamins, because we no longer drink Boost (and I miss it sooo bad!)

I will probably take the car to the mechanic today and see what he says about it.

I need to look up jobs.

Last night I was starting a new, sad vid for SPN. I kept hearing this song in my MP3 player and seeing Castiel’s sad eyes at Dean’s. Also was editing first chapter of a fic I’m writing, I got it back from a beta and was making the corrections, but I am hesitant to get rid of a couple of sentences she crossed out. Might have to get a second opinion. Did I mention I was up till 2am doing that stuff? I think I need another cup of coffee.

Hello WordPress blog

I have not been here for a long time. I want to get back in the habit of blogging again. I also want to try and set some goals for myself and see if I can stick to them. Which I usually don’t, unfortunately. More about that later, running out of time. Have to go to work in an hour, and I want to read before I have to get ready.

Recent stuff – I lately only play about 3 games at FB now, sometimes only 2. Lucky Train and the greenhouse game and sometimes CA. The greenhouse game always makes me think of Mom 🙂 I’m always growing pretty plants and trying to hybrid new plants.

We bought a new laptop cord on amazon which is supposed to be universal but it doesn’t work with ours. Luckily our cord has been behaving the past few days. Also bought a racing game called blur for xbox, it’s pretty cool! More on that later. Another recent amazon purchase, my new Sketchers shoes which were much cheaper than buying at Fred Meyer. FM wanted 55-60 for a pair, and that was on sale. I got mine for 34 plus tax on amazon.

I made a new D/C video yesterday, well finished one so I feel accomplished on that.

Been reading a lot of books lately, want to post soon about my list. gonna go now so I can read  a little before I have to go to work.

It feels like Saturday – oh and I am a new Auntie!

I’m not sure why, maybe because we took a shopping trip today – oh  and J didn’t have to go to school, THATS why my brain kept thinking it was Saturday.

My friend Lorin was calling trying to find out if we wanted to go shopping, and I was sitting around on FB waiting to hear if my baby niece was born yet – anyway, backtrack to the fact that the internet WOULD NOT WORK and I kept trying, and finally noticed there was a strangely named unsecure connection with 3-4 bars, out of the blue, that was never there before – so I connected and saw that my niece wasn’t born yet.

Backtrack again to last night – I was finding out via FB that Sam was in labor and having fun chatting with Mom and Fin and even Miharak, and then out of the fricken blue I got a really bad mood swing, it might have been triggered by J not wanting to watch Criminal minds with me, IDK but even though I knew my niece was coming I felt really bad. I mean to the point where I looked at the clock, saw it wasn’t midnight yet, and then ran to the store to get a lime wine cooler. I never buy myself alchohol except to get a new bottle cap for J. So I really don’t want this to be a trend.

So yeah I was moody, thinking about now that he has the X-Box, he’s never visiting in the living room anymore. I usually have no one to talk to now. I wish he’d come out sometimes. He’s always in his room.

So I did feel better after drinking some of the wine cooler. And I was playing Mario Kart Wii, racing ghosts, and for some reason I was driving better than usual. Go figure. I thought the booze would mess me up. I even broke several of my records.

Okay now to today. We took the bus and had to stand the whole time to Spokane – it was packed!! When we first got on two ppl with wheelchairs were on, then he stopped at next stop and one of them got off, that opened at least 3 seats. But we still had to stand.

We went to Bankock Thai, which is super-duper yummy. I wish it wasn’t so expensive, but at least the lunch special is a little better in price.

Then we went shopping at Fred Meyer. Lorin did some shopping too and got done probably 15 minutes before us, so I’m glad she didn’t have to wait too long.

I was hoping to get a text that the baby was born while out, but if I got one it didn’t go through. But I found out when I got home my niece was born at 1pm something at 8 lbs 1 oz, something like that. YAY! She’s only an hour’s drive away but I’m worried about taking the car on too many trips….so right now waiting till Thanksgiving to go, but who knows I could change my mind. Lorin thinks I need to get another 2nd opinion on my car. I doubt i will.

I worked on throwing together a meshed version of an original story I’ve been wanting to write, it’s at FB here: http://www.fictionpress.com/~lilacwest called the Unborn Song. Well, the first chapter. Oh and my profile there sucks, I wasn’t sure what to say about myself.

I’ve posted another version somewhere else of Unborn Song, but I don’t think it’s up anymore. It’s a story of an unusual society and unusual friendship.

Now I might play Etrian Odyssey III and try and figure out what subclasses I want, and maybe watch another Cake Boss.

Simpsons Sunday – Treehouse of horror!

Wow I have a lot to do today. Especially since yesterday I didn’t do much at all except have fun.

Yesterday – started reading a new cozy mysteryTown in a Blueberry Jam, by B.B. Haywood. It’s pretty good so far. The writer is good at fleshing out the characters and other details.  I also started a new free trial game, called Bigfoot, a hidden object and mystery game, I was liking it and the art was really nice (Those are the games I like to go back to) but then when I went back to it later, there wasn’t another free trial! Bah! This is the second time it’s happened with a game I really liked. I’m dying to buy the wild coin package just so I can go back to these games. But I shouldn’t be spending the money.

Let’s see, I also did a lot of Mario Kart Wii online, and looking up FS stuff late unto the night.

It was foodstamps day so I went and got groceries, nearly feeling faint from not eating much. I bought way too much junkfood. I need to quit doing that.  I ran into someone I know from work at the store. She wanted to talk awhile, which was nice, but I was so damn hungry.

Then I bought this stupid cheese enchilada that I’d bought before and hated, I didn’t remember how gross it was till I cooked it and tasted it. Ugh! I hate having to throw out food, but I could only stomach eating a fourth of it. Had to eat cereal and mashed potatoes in it’s place, which isn’t that filling or full of protien.

I also bought a cheesecake, which I really didn’t need but suddenly had a hankering for. J. was mad at the junkfood I bought, but he did dig into the cheesecake immediately when he got home (he was out most of the day with a couple of friends)

Oh yeah yesterday I woke and was tossing and turning from neck pain which stayed with me all day 😦 Today it’s feeling much better 🙂 Although if I rub that spot it still hurts.

Well anyway, today. I have several things I need to or want to do:

  1. Get the dishes done
  2. Get some laundry done
  3. Clean the bathtub
  4. Watch that Netflix movie in the mail – Fragile (Steph rec’d it)
  5. Watch Treehouse of horror tonight
  6. Read more of the cozy mystery, maybe another book too
  7. Email Mom quickly!
  8. I really should vacuum – I hate our vacuum cleaner though
  9. Email my friend that will take us to Fred Meyer on Wed.
  10. Maybe watch Dexter???

It’s kind of stormy outside today and I kind of like it. You know, with Fragile to watch and Tree House of Horror today, it’s going to feel more like Halloween today than last week. I didn’t have any good spooky stuff to watch on Halloween.

Much to do!

Well I spent most of Halloween looking at FS at LJ, that’s enough of that for me, I can’t believe I did it most of the day. Today I only looked at the newest entry.

I discovered a video editing program I wish I could get, it’s called Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, something like that. It’s on my wish list for Amazon for when I actually get a full time job. Someone on YT had a really cute Castiel vid and she said on her channel that’s what she used.

I’m on the desktop & I DIDN’T have to uninstall & reinstall the wireless adapter for once!!! I hope this is an ongoing thing??? I found out when I needed to look at some already downloaded email to make sure a training didn’t conflict with another appointment. It didn’t.

I finished filling out my ballot and then drove down to the library to drop it in the ballot box. Also returned some library books – one of them was Cry Wolf by Tami Hoag, I wanted to like it, but it was starting too much like a romance and less like a mystery. I think the other book was Ark of Fire, I didn’t really get into that one yet other than looking at first page.

I also paid the electric bill and phone/internet bill while out.

I went to Mitchell’s for some groceries since I was down that way, and then Safeway. We are almost out of money now for food till Saturday.

I played some Mario Kart Wii (barely) before going to Safeway. I cooked myself vegetarian tacos while the news was on, now after I write this I should ge to the dishes. Fun times.

I actually got the laundry put away, probably will have to start a new load tomorrow.

I found a fulltime job I might apply for tomorrow morning.

I want to get to bed tonight by midnight, and get up by 8am and eventually get into the habit of getting up at 7am, since I will have to go to several morning trainings and take the bus.

My car is vibrating harder on some accelerations, it has me worried. Will be trying not to take it to Spokane. I considered taking it to Fred Meyer one time soon, now not sure I want to.

Halloween Update: I didn’t really get to watch any scary movies. I tried Paranormal Activity twice, and it was really boring. I tried some other movies that didn’t keep my interest either.

Clam Chowder

I decided I didnt want to go to the store and get pizza. So I’m having Clam Chowder. Fred Meyer sells the best clam chowder. Their store brand is better than Chunky soup (their clam chowder – not so good)

Been reading Fear the Worst – not sure I’m going to have time to write fic today. ANTM is on in 2o minutes, and then Criminal minds, and then I want to try to go to bed early for once.

PS ANTM stands for America’s Next Top Model. It’s on CW.