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Tuesday, still no car

I thought I was going to get the car back last night, but it wasn’t ready, they said in the morning, well it wasn’t ready in the morning or the rest of the day, even though they said I’d have it back this afternoon. Oh well, I really just want to get to the library and get my new books. Also I missed meditation class again. I fully intended to go if I had my car.

I made my goal of cleaning up clutter for a half hour today. I did it during an episode of Hoarders. I was proud of myself, it was tempting to just get on the computer and goof off, but I did that first (now I’m goofing off, and playing Rune Factory 3 again)

This morning I watched the E3 livestream at 9am – it was a bunch of new Nintendo reveals, including the console which will be called the Wii U. Like I said on twitter, it sounds like a university. The controller is HUGE looks like a little white TV in your hand.  I’m thinking it will feel extremely strange, having my hands that far apart holding something that bulky while I play.

But the video conferencing thing looks really cool. I could conference with my nieces and nephews. And the HD graphics look really good. They showed the simulation of a bird flying and the view between branches as it landed, it was highly detailed and realistic.  I loved the blossoms that suddenly bloomed all at once on all the trees!

I’m really excited now too to try the Kid Icarus game on the Nintendo 3DS, it looks really cool, especially the Medusa boss. And Mario Kart! The cars will make jumps and hang gliders pop out! And they drive underwater too (which makes no sense). Sigh, so many cool games coming out. I need a job. Here’s my MUST HAVE LIST when they eventually come out:

  1. Paper Mario for 3DS
  2. Zelda for Wii or Wii U
  3. Kid Icarus
  4. Etrian Odyssey!!
  5. Mario Kart for both
And probably Professor Layton too. I was so psyched to see Etrian Odyssey on the list of upcoming 3DS games! Yes!! I’m craving a EO game again and might have to replay one of them.
Today I played some of Rune Factory 3. And watched Six Feet Under, the ep where David picks up a hitchhiker – that was really hard to watch. I just wanted David’s bad day to end! It was pretty much the entire episode.
Watching Hoarders too. I’m still not sure why I watch it when it drives me crazy. Especially when they insist on going thru every bag and box before the stuff can be thrown out. UGH! Although I’m starting to see it a different way, one lady who really insisted on that, said she felt a lot of things had been taken away from her in her life. Still, having to go thru bags and bags of garbage, that’s a bit much. I’d say trust the people who already put the stuff in the bag. Trash is trash.
When I moved from my last apt. to here, I was overwhelmed by how much stuff was in my basement storage shed. We dragged it all upstairs to the living room and it covered the entire room. At first we were going thru some of the boxes, but eventually there were several where I said, “give it to Goodwill” without even looking through it. It takes too much time and energy in my opinion to look through stuff you haven’t used for years anyway.
Oh and yesterday, I believe I did work on my sad vid for a little while.

Hello Winter

Snow Pictures, Images and Photos
Well it snowed a little bit today. Kinda nice. I almost wish it hadn’t stopped, but then I don’t want too much snow.

Yesterday I didn’t get anything done like I thought I might. Just didn’t feel like cleaning. I can’t remember everything leisurely that I did do, but I know I read some of a library book (also went to the library to pick up books), watched Cake Boss, watched some of Legend of the Seeker, read some fics including Supernatural, Psycho, and House, looked up F!S, and played just a little bit of Mario Kart Wii.

Today I’m getting a lot more done. First I wanna mention – family, I know you’re not sending Xmas gifts anyway, but if someone wins the lotto, there is stuff on my amazon wish list I don’t actually want. Any of the artsy stuff – don’t really want it. I just add something each week to enter in the contest amazon is having. Anything that I added from amazon itself, yeah I want it. Now go win the lotto, lol.

Okay, it’s Sunday, and I had the energy to clean. Cleaned up the coffee table, did two loads of laundry and put most of it away, been working on the dishes, want to vacuum sometime today and watch Dexter. I’m playing the free trial of Bigfoot over on the desktop because I only got one free trial on the laptop.

It’s snowing again! Oh yeah and I red some of The Favored Child this morning by Phillipa Gregory. Might read a little more of it or another book today.

A quiet reading Sunday – I hope

I’m on the desktop this morning or actually afternoon (I slept in till really late) because J said he’d need the laptop for homework, well he’s still in bed but I thought I might as well just use the desktop then.

I downloaded all my emails, I only do it now about every two weeks – oh I check my emails every day, but I haven’t downloaded it to the program I have on the desktop as often as I used to. Because once I download it, they are not available at all to me on the internet anymore. Have to look at desktop to see them. And can’t click any links in the email once it’s downloaded. But I do have lots of nice folders I can slip the emails into so I like to download them and organize my emails every now and then.

I’ve been reading some books this morning, A Town in a Blueberry Jam and Roadside Crosses. The blueberry one is still good, but I was disappointed to see that the main character, who is the amateur sleuth, was finding more evidence than the police. It was evidence that the police never should have over looked, so it bugs me.  Plus, the guy who is being held in jail for murder, the evidence against him is weak. Really weak.

And then the main character is doing a breaking and entering – I cringe whenever I see this, an amateur sleuth breaking into somewhere, because I think, come on, who actually has no qualms about just breaking into a place? Only criminals in my mind. So it just doesn’t seem realistic that an ordinary citizen would do it.

But still reading, the writing otherwise is descriptive and interesting.

I really should get around to finishing the dishes I started yesterday and doing laundry (ugh) but it needs to be done. Not right now, I’m not going out there in wet hair.

Oh I added some new authors to my Lists! page today. I was really surprised with myself that I hadn’t  already listed Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Well they are up with some other authors I thought of. And like it says on the page, I’m listing them even if I only liked one of their books.

I spent a lot of time writing on different things yesterday. Oh and I wrote to a beta at FP, but am nervous about getting a reply. Just for my sci-fi story, she doesn’t read horror stories.

I’m pretty sure it was yesterday too that I submitted another one of my short, older horrors to FP. I got one review so far that was nice.

I played some Mario Kart Wii yesterday and some Etrian Odyssey too.  Also read some stories on both FP and FFN and left reviews. I was glad to find a story I liked on FP. The guy wrote back to me today thanking me, that was nice.