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Thursday report

I met most of my goals for today! I did apply for two jobs, although one I thought I was going to apply for changed the qualifications and I didn’t meet them. So I applied for another that I might not completely qualify for, but I met most of them, and it is a good paying job. I spent a good part of the day applying for that job.

I also changed my sheets and did two loads of laundry. Been relaxing since, haven’t cleaned the bathroom sink yet. But there is still time.

When I checked my mail I found out I am eligible for Unemployment benefits! I’ll be getting more than I expected, but it still won’t be as much as some people get. It’s based on my income from 2010. Still, I am very grateful to be getting it, it means I can pay rent AND bills while looking for work. So far I only really had money for rent for several months.

I only played my main FB game this morning, Lucky Train. Then later today I decided to play Gardens of Time till I ran out of energy (hidden object game). I played Lucky Train again. Not going to check in on other games today.

Been playing Rune Factory 3 on the DS. I should quit now and do something more constructive, like read a library book. Will in a few minutes.

I was surprised to hear Katie Couric was quitting CBS Evening News. I happened to watch her last broadcast. I didn’t always like what she had to say (she sounded anti-democrat & anti Obama at times) but I will miss watching a national news with a female anchor. She is going to be replaced by some man.

I really liked something she said on the news tonight, that a man who was supposed to be paralized for life, was able to stand on his own due to new medical technology. I wish Christopher Reeve was still alive to see this and experience it for himself.

I did start some of The Birth Of Venus By Sarah Durant today. Probably will read some more of that, and Rose for a Crown.


I need to…get moving

Well yesterday was pretty good. I went to the Buddhist talk at Eastern and there were more ppl showing up for it than I thought there would be. That was cool.  Like the room was PACKED with ppl standing in the hall.

Venerable Semkye talked almost the whole hour, so there wasn’t a lot of time for questions for the entire group. She was saying what was most relevant of what the Buddha taught for today – Ethics, something in the middle, and compassion. Why can’t I remember the middle one? I heard later that ppl were saying the talk was very helpful for right after Election day.

Then some students had to leave for class before one, there were still some ppl hanging out afterwards, and I was getting really hungry, but the host said there would be food, so I stuck it out, and I was really glad, they brought out a crock pot and sandwiches and salad and bread, and because Buddhist nuns are vegetarian, all the food was vegetarian, it was very yummy!

There was split lentil soup, veggie sandwiches, and this really delicious salad with pecans or walnuts or something and apples too along with the greens and a yummy dressing. The bread was good for dipping in the soup.

Several of the students wanted to stay behind and ask Venerable questions, that was nice, and I got to talk to the group a little as we ate.

Came home, watched some Ghost Hunters, then J, Amy and I loaded the car to go to the recycling center, then stopped at Bimart, got some left over Halloween candy and there wasn’t much of a selection, so we got one bag of Raisinettes and one back of sour gummy worms.

We watched the news and still don’t know who won senator for WA – still waiting to find out, I checked the news website this morning.

I was playing Etrian Odyssey 3 and cannot get past this one spot!! Water currents push you over, and I can’t advance in the game, must be able to get past it! I looked up a map Zaref or whoever made, showing that the path beyond the current is what you must take, but no advice about how to get past it – and I checked the FB page for Etrian Odyssey 3 and you can’t post anything there anymore, so much for posting a Help me post!

I watched ANTM and Criminal minds last night and played Mario Kart Wii and went to bed trying to read fanfiction at FFN, before falling asleep but most of the stories were boring me.

This morning I read some of Fear the Worst when I got up (it was freaking cold btw I hadn’t left the heat on all night). That book is really good for a suspense novel.

Should go to the library today, to return some books and print off stuff for work.

UPDATE: Well I found this in the draft folder. Thought I had already posted it. I went to the library and printed out what looked like the necessary papers.

J came home upset with the place he was applying for a job, apparently they ignored him while gave everyone else who showed up an interview. How rude! I wish they wouldn’t do that, now he’s super-convinced no one wants to hire him.

Playing EO3 while I watch news b/c I know how to continue on now : )

WordPress is an “article” place, wish I could think of an “article” to write. I think of some ideas, but nothing I’m inspired to write yet.

Whoa! I forgot the title. Fixed!

I don’t think I blogged yesterday –

It was the day of my job interview – I got the job YAY – but it’s only a seasonal job so I still need to look for work. I have to take additional classes for it as well, in November, and I don’t think they are paid. Boo.

I almost took the bus. I was walking to the bus in my high heels, already thinking this is going to be a real pain when only a block out, and then realized that I didn’t have my thumbdrive after all (for my second appt) after switching up what I was going to drag along and not drag along. So I walked back, and I could have got in the car, drove to CTC and left the car there to catch the bus, but thought I really didn’t want to do all that walking in the high heels, would be bad for my back and exhausting, so I sat down and decided to take the car.

Which left me an extra half hour. I bought a couple songs from amazon.com, “I Remember” by Deadmau5, the song I’m addicted to, and “Pop Life” by Prince, and made myself a new mix CD. It was awesome being able to listen to “I remember” in the car! I need to buy a few more songs eventually and make another CD so I have more new songs to listen to.

The day before yesterday I was listening to Deadmau5 (which I found out is pronounced Deadmouse but I prefer the way it looks) a bunch on the TV – on YT on the Wii internet channel (boy had laptop, other comp has no speakers). The only song of Deadmau5 I really like so far is I Remember. Brazil though, was okay.


 Go here to hear the song on YT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBathERR6l0

I was reading more of A Rose for the Crown too then.

Okay back to yesterday. I got the job, then went over to my job counselor’s office which is like a block away, and used the computer there, but their printer was dead, so I wasn’t able to do much. I did fill out some of an application while there.

Then I went home at about 4:30ish and boy wasn’t home. I worked on my vid for a bit, then played some Mario Kart Wii, then decided to try writing fic.

I ended up uploading a new story to FFN, PC. I even got some comments right away and this morning, I was pleasantly surprised. Which made me decide I want to try to write a couple hours a day. I really need to be posting for OSCASL again, and I want to keep the new fic (PC) and THTV up.

I wanted to read today too, did a little of The Favored Child by Phillipa Gregory, and Fear the Worst by Linwood Barclay.

Might play some Etrian Odyssey III today too. I should be taking that online exam for my season job, not sure I will do it today though.

It’s Wednesday, so I played my FB games this morning. Oh and I slept in late. Again. This needs to stop, I have morning classes for that job in Nov.

I had to turn down a temp job today because it required a car – I told them I’m trying to use my car only sparingly.

So, goals for today –

  1. Write on fic. If not for 2 whole hours, for 1 hour.
  2. Read some more.
  3. Play Etrian Odyssey III

Silence is sometimes the best music of all

This Kitty pic was my desktop for about a week from Webshots, I finally decided to change it today to something else.

Last night I tried to go to bed reading Roadside Crosses, but felt more like writing myself, so I worked on a new short story (not sure of it’s name yet) and also worked on one of my fics, THTV.

I’m hoping to work on them again today, at least THTV. I also started up the dishes this morning – I didn’t finish the big bowls and pots AS USUAL and I’m wanting it all done. I just can’t seem to do every thing at once though, I have to keep switching what I am  doing.

This morning it was nice to get up and just read instead of immediately going to FB games. I read Roadside crosses, A Rose For The Crown by Anne Easter Smith,  Sweet Poison, and then also some of Stephen King’s It.

Stephen King rambles on so damn much. I keep losing what the hell the chapter is about. I’m not sure I will be able to finish the book, but I’m trying to finish at least one of his books. It has been years since I have been able to finish one of his books. Last year I tried Duma Key, it was interesting most of the way through, and then it got so weird at the end I was just skimming all the pages real fast so I could say I read it on my list. The story was meaning nothing to me at the end. Right now It only makes sense to me part of the time…but I’m trying.

I didn’t get around to watching an episode of Legend of the Seeker yesterday, maybe today.

Oh and my title – I was listening to my playlist for awhile, but I tire of music really easily – so I turned it off. This one song keeps running through my head though, “I remember” so maybe I’ll turn it back on while I write.

The only time I don’t tire of music is in my car – well I do, but I keep listening in the car, helps keep me awake and passes the time faster.

It looks like a cold drizzly day, not sure I will go for a walk, but if I do, it will be to Bimart to get a new bathmat, we need one.

This morning I thought about starting a new file on Mario Kart Wii, and listing all the things I unlock here on WordPress as I go. I decided I have too many other things to do, but maybe I will start that later. It’s not like other lists aren’t available on the internet, but the one really good list I found, lists the wrong NAMES for the cars, I was like WTH here I thought there was a car I needed to unlock but I already had it because apparently in other countries they call it the Dragonetti (It’s Honeycoupe for us).

Also I wish Etrian Odyssey games let you have two files so I could start a new one, so I could list when I found important things. Basically, what is important is this – Amrita is available in Etrian Odyssey III at the store once you are on the second stratum and sell something you get from a monster either on the 5th or 6th floor, but I can’t remember which monster and which thing. It might have been blue core, I am not sure. I’m going to try and post an entry just about Etrian Odyssey III soon.

Goals for today:

  1. Do laundry
  2. Clean the bathtub
  3. Do some writing
  4. Read some more
  5. Watch one Netflix show (Legend of the Seeker? Hoarders?)

I decided I wanted to have a goal for the week too -this week I want to get rid of at least ONE thing I don’t need anymore. Hopefully, more than one thing, but at least one.