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#AskSupernatural: That time Supernatural regret to ask for their fans’ opinion

#AskSupernatural: That time Supernatural regret to ask for their fans’ opinion.


To Watch or not to Watch?

I still haven’t made a decision on whether or not I’ll watch Supernatural this fall. I went from pretty excited for the new season after reading some excellent Destiel meta to wondering if my heart can take it anymore after Jensen’s opinion on Destiel at JIB.

Why am I thinking/feeling this way? I’m a hard-core Destiel shipper. It’s gotten to the point that I mainly watch the show for Dean/Cas scenes. Or any scene that speaks to their relationship. I’m emotionally invested in their relationship, and Jensen’s comment that he didn’t mind that there were less Dean/Cas scenes…and you know the rest….anyway, this comment makes me afraid. Afraid of even less Dean/Cas scenes, and afraid that Jensen will consciously change what he’s doing. He already claims he’s not acting Destiel, but I still see it. And feel it. And if he decides to tone it way down, I might be really disappointed.

Also,the plot in general hasn’t been making sense to me in years, although this thing with Crowley and Dean and Dean being a demon is interesting, but still, I’m wondering if I should take an emotional break from it all. I can still ship Destiel and read fanfics make vids etc.

Also, it’s still a thorn in my side that Castiel was a bad guy just for talking with and doing stuff with Crowley back when he turned into Godstiel, they considered him such a traitor for it, yet now currently Dean and Sam do whatever they need to with Crowley because Crowley’s handy (just as Castiel did)

The only reason I would ever even forgive that plot oversight would be if it brought Dean and Castiel closer to each other in the future.

And then, all that build up in Season 8 and then pretty much nothing? At least it’s canon that Castiel loves Dean. At least I got that.

So, I haven’t decided yet. I also want Castiel to be in every single episode and constantly with the Winchesters, and I’m disappointed when that doesn’t happen. So if I hear that suddenly Cas will be in every episode, move into the bunker and be a regular, I’ll watch.

I’m going to leave this here for now, more thoughts later