Books 2014

Please Note: This page will slowly be updated in the future to show books I’ve been reading in 2014 and I will try to also fill in the gaps for 2011-2013 but that will take some time. I will get started with some of the books I’ve read this year. I always post the books in the order I read them, and they are only listed if I read the entire thing (so many books started and not finished in my life, sadly!)

Books I have read in 2014

      1. Supernatural – Carved in Flesh by Tim Waggoner
      2. Seeds of Vengeance by Silvia Nobel
      3. Ten Little Indians by Agatha Christie
      4. Don’t believe everything you think by Thubten Chodron
      5. White Oleander by Janet Fitch
      6. Dead Man’s Deal by Jocelynn Drake
      7. Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkeye
      8. Borealis by Ronald Malfi
      9. Creature by John Saul
      10. Be love by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel
      11. Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
      12. What Buddhists Believe by K. Sri Dhammananda
      13. The Purpose of Life and Other Teachings by K. Sri Dhammananda
      14. Daughter of God by Lewis Perdue
      15. Scarecrow by Richie Tankersley Cusick

Books I have read in 2011

  1. Ice Cold                                                             Tess Gerritsen
  2. Brain                                                                   Robin Cook
  3. The Mirror And The Mask                       Ellen Hart
  4. Castaways                                                         Brian Keene
  5. Left For Dead                                                  Kevin O’Brien
  6. The Declaration                                             Gemma Malley
  7. The Knife of Never Letting Go                Patrick Ness
  8. You Can Run                                                   Carlene Thompson
  9. Killing Spree                                                    Kevin O’Brien
  10. Say Goodbye                                                   Lisa Gardner
  11. Tick Tock                                                         James Patterson
    Desert Places                                                   Blake Crouch


Books I have read in 201o

  1.  The Broken Window                                                             Jeffery Deaver
  2.  The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo                                          Stieg Larsson
  3.  Seeking Spirits                                               Jason Hawes & Grant Wilson
  4.  Dexter in the Dark  (CD)                                                        Jeff Lindsay
  5. Black Creek Crossing                                                             John Saul
  6. Pandora Drive                                                                       Tim Waggoner
  7. The Passion                                                                           Donna Boyd
  8. The Deadliest Strain                                                               Jan Coffey
  9. The Other Boleyn Girl                                                       Philippa Gregory

10.  Darkness Wakes                                                                  Tim Waggoner

11.  The Devil’s Labyrinth                                                             John Saul

12.  The Other Daughter                                                                Lisa Gardner

13.  The Grail Conspiracy                                               Lynn Sholes & Joe Moore

14.  The Precipice                                                                           Ben Bova

15.  Black Brillion                                                                        Matthew Hughes

16.  The Promise                                                                            Donna Boyd

17.  Witch Hunt                                                                        Shirley Damsgaard

18.  The House on Tradd Street                                                     Karen White

19.  All Fall Down                                                                     Carlene Thompson

20.  The Shell Game                                                                       Steve Alten

21.  Deeper Than The Dead                                                           Tami Hoag

22.  The House                                                                               Bentley Little

23.  Hide                                                                                        Lisa Gardner

24.  Hush                                                                                        Kate White

25.  Spiral                                                                                       Koji Suzuki

26.  The Last Secret                                                        Lynn Sholes & Joe Moore

27.  Like Death                                                                              Tim Waggoner

28.  Far Dark Fields                                                                  Gary A. Braunbeck

29.  The Girl On Legare Street                                                      Karen White

30.  Fever Dream                                                                 D. Preston &  L. Child

31.  Never Look Away                                                                  Linwood Barclay

32.  Mr. Hands                                                                         Gary A. Braunbeck

33.  This Perfect Day                                                                     Ira Levin

34.  Loop                                                                                        Koji Suzuki

35.  No Time for Goodbye                                                           Linwood Barclay

36.  Wideacre                                                                       Philippa Gregory        

37.  Pursuit                                                                           Karen Robards

38.  If You Ever Tell                                                            Carlene Thompson     

39.  Murder in Chinatown                                                    Victoria Thompson

40.  The Neighbor                                                                 Lisa Gardner

41.  A Catch in Time                                                              Dalia Roddy

42.  Night of the Living Deed                                                 E.J. Copperman

43.  Supernatural – Witches Canyon                                      Jeff Mariotte

44.  Trick or Treat Murder                                                     Leslie Meier   

45. Fear The Worst                                                                  Linwood Barclay

46. Town In A Blueberry Jam                                                    B.B. Haywood 

47. Roadside Crosses                                                                Jeffery Deaver

48. Vigil                                                                                   Robert Masello

49. The Etruscan Chimera                                                          Lyn Hamilton

50. Sweet Poison                                                                       Ellen Hart

51. A Gathering of Crows                                                           Brian Keene

52. Don’t Close your eyes                                                           Carlene Thompson


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