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Getting ready to go to Sean’s, Canada dream

I need to take a shower and get ready to go to Sean’s, but first I want to  write about my crazy Canada dream.

I dreamed I went to Vancouver BC again. At first I was alone, and I get there and I was trying to figure out where to park. I noticed at some of the meters that cars were parked at a very steep incline, making an upside down V (with one car on each side) . I couldn’t figure out at all how anyone parked like that. I was assuming it was to save space.  I wanted to know how much the meters were and when did they stop needing money (like what time in the evening.) I stood in line at this counter and then this lady tells me I’ll have to look in the handbook. I’m saying to her I just want to  know how much the meter costs and what time can you stop putting money in? And how on earth do people park like that over there? She hands me this very thick handbook and that’s it. So I try to figure out where to park, and I’m at the top of some parking garage where there is a McDonald’s nearby. I think I put a dime or two in a meter. My family shows up. We’re over at this area inside a door where you can use condiments (I have no idea on WHAT since we were making plans to walk to McDonalds or something) and we use them and then the next thing we know these Canadians come by wanting to use the condiment station and they’re appalled that things were not put back in their proper place.

And so we discover Canadians ALWAYS put things back in their proper place. We tell them this concept is foreign to us, we are okay with things NOT having the same spot all the time. They are a little shocked with us that we are so loose with our condiments. Oh and these people tell us that after 6pm we don’t have to put dimes in the meters. We say Thank You. I think we ended up putting extra dimes in the meter just in case. Oh and I’m realizing the lady at the counter had given me a strange $5 bill that was really huge and had holes punched in it, and I was wondering, what do I do with this?

So somehow even though McDonalds is just across the street, we lose Dad and the rest of the family. Mom and I start driving up this very wavy road, (up and down like a ribbon or roller coaster) and we see another McDonalds but don’t stop in time, and then end up at this huge mall place with a huge food court that is very crowded. We sit down next to some Canadians and I think we start asking them questions and they speak back to us in French.

I say Je ne parle francais or whatever and they look upset, finally they say in English, don’t you know Canada is a bilingual country? Why didn’t you learn French before coming here? They wanted to know. I say well, I thought we could speak English over here! They want to know where I am from. They think I must have come from Florida. I say no, WA state and they are surprised again. As if people that came from that close should know better and learn French before showing up.

That’s mostly what I can remember other than I think we ordered Sundaes at McDonalds but never got to eat them.

Now I need to shower, pack and wash the dishes before we leave. I’m really sorry I didn’t make it to MT for Dad’s birthday, now that I know he was at Lee’s. But I didn’t actually get the car fixed in time. The mechanic was saying there was no one to give me a ride home and when I called again on Thursday he said it was too late in the week to get the car fixed.


New browser

The day before yesterday, I was really having trouble with Internet Explorer. It kept freezing up on me. Yesterday I tried to update it and the computer said I couldn’t, something was missing.

Not only had IE been freezing, it was having trouble scrolling and being really slow. So I decided to try Google Chrome and I like it a lot. Your new tab page can be customized to have a pretty background with apps that you pick out on it, and my favorites bar (which is called bookmarks) is taking the place of my old Yahoo Toolbar (GC couldn’t use Yahoo Toolbar) and it looks better actually. I’ll print screen sometime and post a pic. Anyway, Google Chrome works really fast, I like it.

Yesterday I spent to much time playing around, getting new apps, going to YB ( where I haven’t been to in forever,  to play Carniball, 3 Point Shootout, and Find It. Brings back memories LOL.

I also got a new thingy for using Twitter, called Twimbow, and you have to get an invite for that. I got an invite from a stranger that I added. I was also using Tweetdeck and just plain twitter to tweet yesterday. Twimbow is colorful looking and one advantage is you can have a search list on the right side, I typed in Supernatural, and that word gets a lot of tweets. I actually made two new friends yesterday doing that, commenting on their tweets. Well for sure I think one friend.

I have to get used to clicking on tabs at the top now, rather than clicking different windows on the bottom like I always did with IE.

Yesterday I tried Glee because I saw people were tweeting about the season finale. I couldn’t get into it, too much singing and the characters weren’t interesting to me, but I might give it another try because it has more than one gay couple on the show. This was on instant Netflix BTW.

Also tried Sherlock which suddenly showed up in Instant Netflix but it wasnt keeping my interest either. So I switched to Twin Peaks, but that show is just weird and sorta pointless now that they’ve solved Laura’s murder. I still watch every now and then because I like the characters.

Also watched the House Finale last night (I was at meditation class in Spokane Monday night). WOW they really went all out on the Season finale, as in big shock factor, not sure how they can even work next season after what happened!

On Monday I applied for one job that wasn’t FT, yesterday on FT job, I really hope I find more FT that I qualify for so I get my benefits from unemployment. I got a letter in the mail saying I will get a payment this week (I think)

Oh on Monday after meditation class, I went to Fred Meyer and got a new laptop cooler. It was interesting, I went to electronics, and the workers looked all over and said sorry, they didn’t think they had any more. Then I went over to the magazines and the woman chased after me with one, saying she found one! I was so happy! I had been debating in my head whether to bother with FM or not after class, and now I’m glad I went. I also got vitamins, because we no longer drink Boost (and I miss it sooo bad!)

I will probably take the car to the mechanic today and see what he says about it.

I need to look up jobs.

Last night I was starting a new, sad vid for SPN. I kept hearing this song in my MP3 player and seeing Castiel’s sad eyes at Dean’s. Also was editing first chapter of a fic I’m writing, I got it back from a beta and was making the corrections, but I am hesitant to get rid of a couple of sentences she crossed out. Might have to get a second opinion. Did I mention I was up till 2am doing that stuff? I think I need another cup of coffee.

Supernatural Friday

Actually the show hasn’t been on my mind a lot today, but I am looking forward to it. If anything bad happens to Castiel, though, I will NOT be happy!!

I vacuumed the floor like I planned,  and did my weekly unemployment claim online. I don’t know when I actually start getting money, but it could be as soon as next friday.

My bank changed their online  site and I don’t like it as much as the old one. Looks less professional and neat, now.

I was reading some of A Rose For The Crown, but downloaded an ebook from the library that I’m actually enjoying, so reading that here and there. Have to read it on a computer, of course. The book is called “Life as We Knew It” and is about an asteriod hitting the moon and lots of disasters happening, from the perspective of a teenage girl. It makes me LOL a bit as I read, since some people actually think the Rapture is happening tomorrow.

All my concerns for tomorrow have to do with hopefully not being bored at the yard sale. I’ll be there for about 4 hours with my friend. I hope it’s okay to read a book if it’s slow. I was planning on taking the bus to Spokane, which means I might miss the Lilac Parade tomorrow night. J is going with Amy, I think.

I have really bad pimples lately, I think I’d better buy some Clearasil. They’re so bad I don’t even want to go to the store tonight, have been putting it off.

I did play my Rune Factory 3 game for a little while today. It’s tempting me again, probably because I forget the rest of the world when I’m playing it. haha.

I was considering fixing my car, and driving to Montana the weekend of Dad’s birthday. I still haven’t made up my mind. It’s Memorial day weekend, so J has an extra day off and we could stay longer. I would also spend the night at Seans Friday on the way out to see them, leave early on Saturday morning.

But, I’d have to charge the mechanic and the gas to my credit card, and I’ve been trying to pay it down. Have been doing good with that so far. So, not sure if I should just keep putting off fixing the car till I have a job. But that could be until Dec. if nothing else comes up. And I’d like to see Annabelle while she’s still a baby.

Thursday report

I met most of my goals for today! I did apply for two jobs, although one I thought I was going to apply for changed the qualifications and I didn’t meet them. So I applied for another that I might not completely qualify for, but I met most of them, and it is a good paying job. I spent a good part of the day applying for that job.

I also changed my sheets and did two loads of laundry. Been relaxing since, haven’t cleaned the bathroom sink yet. But there is still time.

When I checked my mail I found out I am eligible for Unemployment benefits! I’ll be getting more than I expected, but it still won’t be as much as some people get. It’s based on my income from 2010. Still, I am very grateful to be getting it, it means I can pay rent AND bills while looking for work. So far I only really had money for rent for several months.

I only played my main FB game this morning, Lucky Train. Then later today I decided to play Gardens of Time till I ran out of energy (hidden object game). I played Lucky Train again. Not going to check in on other games today.

Been playing Rune Factory 3 on the DS. I should quit now and do something more constructive, like read a library book. Will in a few minutes.

I was surprised to hear Katie Couric was quitting CBS Evening News. I happened to watch her last broadcast. I didn’t always like what she had to say (she sounded anti-democrat & anti Obama at times) but I will miss watching a national news with a female anchor. She is going to be replaced by some man.

I really liked something she said on the news tonight, that a man who was supposed to be paralized for life, was able to stand on his own due to new medical technology. I wish Christopher Reeve was still alive to see this and experience it for himself.

I did start some of The Birth Of Venus By Sarah Durant today. Probably will read some more of that, and Rose for a Crown.

Goals for tomorrow

I want to write down some goals for tomorrow and then go through a checklist to see if I achieved them. I have to remember though that energy levels for me will make a difference on whether or not I get all the cleaning done.

  1. Finish applying for two jobs tomorrow
  2. Change bedsheets and do two loads of laundry
  3. Finish cleaning bathroom sink

I’m thinking on Friday I want to make sure to vacuum. I don’t want to put too much cleaning in one day.

I need to finish the letter I started to my penpal and send it in the mail, hopefully tomorrow.

I’m nervous and excited about Supernatural on Friday night. Afraid it will have a devestating ending or give us an awful cliffhanger.

But I’m excited about Misha Collin’s  new series, Divine. I saw on Kickstarter they reached their goal of raising $10,000 to fund the show further. I would have donated if I had a job. Anyway, it’s starting this summer. Which brings me to another topic.

I have considered more than once trying to give up entertainment that contains violence for a month. Would have to be after the season finale of Supernatural. But then, I could be missing Divine’s premiere. I’ll still be thinking it over. I’d be changing what shows I watch, video games I can play, and books I can read. I’m reading Stieg Larsson‘s second book right now, The Girl that Played With Fire, and it’s long, and I’d have to give that up, since it’s a thriller and sure to have violence. Well, give it up for a month.

I also want to write more, I keep saying that, but it’s hard for me to write when not in a creative mood, and usually when I am, it’s late, I’m tired, and I can’t write much.

Going to shut the laptop off now. It’s really hot. I might go do some writing on the other comp, but like I said I’m tired. Maybe I should read instead.

Discipline, I need it.

If I’m going to actually find a job, I need to work on disciplining myself. Right now I’m doing the bare minimum of what I need to do for Unemployment, and if it turns out I can’t get it, the little discipline I have might go down the toilet.

I received a letter saying I wasn’t going to get anything for the week of 5/7/11 because I didn’t have enough hours, but I had sent in more information and the lady on the phone said I did. We’ll see.

Anyway, tonight I started cleaning because I’m tired of seeing a mess, when I have so much free time. And I need to get a paycheck again. Tomorrow I need to finish applying for jobs for the week, and try to finish up this cleaning.

I’m thinking of trying to force a schedule on myself. Not sure if I can do it, but I’m thinking about it. The worst part will be fighting with myself over looking for a job. I hate the system we have in the US with a passion. It’s probably the same everywhere, too. To the point where I might have to delude myself that I’m actually living in a utopian society where you just plug in your qualifications and the right job for you shows up. No job interviews or cover letters in paradise! LOL!

We finished watching a Spanish speaking movie called the Baby’s Room, it was pretty good. Kind of spooky and had a small twist to the plot.

Oh, and I broke down and bought my favorite instant coffee, which is $4 a can now. URGH. I’m unemployed and I need to really watch the spending. I have coffee grounds I can use and that coffee filter thingy dad gave me, I should be using that instead. I told myself I would but I caved in.

Had a job interview on Monday (really glad for that) but I don’t think I’m quite what they are looking for, but I keep  hoping when the phone rings it is them. Part of me is afraid I just won’t get a job and will be stuck staying with my seasonal job and being broke most of the time.

I’m spacing out. I need to get back to doing some constructive things. Later I might think more about having a new schedule.

At the library today I checked out a new Tracy Chevaier Book called Remarkable Creatures. She writes historical fiction. Also, checked out A Rose For the Crown, another historical fiction that I started  a long time ago and never finished. Also something called The Birth of Venus.


I just ate some grilled tillapia (from frozen box) and it hit the spot. So good!

Went to the library and picked up my interlibrary loan book…don’t want to say what it is here but it’s about the company I work for (part of the year anyway)

I also re-checked out Deadmau5’s Random Album Title so I can listen to it in the car more. Of course I love ‘I Remember’ but I also like some tracks after it as well.

Going to an event at my university soon, and it’s a beautiful day to be out! Finally it looks like spring! But I’m remembering the forecast for the week looked like rain every day, hope it doesn’t change today, but can’t see a cloud in the sky right now 🙂

I finished ‘Say Goodbye‘ by Lisa Gardner. That one was just ‘okay’.  Now I’m reading Tick Tock by James Patterson. Wasn’t sure I would like it, but so far so good. I like the main character enough. LOL.

Read some of my Nintendo Power magazine that came in the mail. Well more like glanced at it. I now want to look up some of the music soundtracks it mentions for Mario games.

I applied for unemployment yesterday and next Monday I have to remember to check in on the internet…don’t know what it all involves yet.

I need to leave pretty soon to go to the event, supposed to be meeting up with a friend, wondering if I will actually see her there, that is wondering if I will find her in the crowd.

Yesterday Amy came over to watch a Spanish horror called The Orphanage, but it was no longer in the instant queue. So we watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo instead. It’s in Swedish. I saw they made movies for the next two books, so I will have to read the books first.

I have SOO many things to watch lately! My dad sent me tapes of Afterlife, a British show, and it’s pretty good! I watched 2 eps last night. I also added more foreign films to the instant queue, just for the heck of it, and I still haven’t watched Nurse Jackie on my Netflix disc. I should do that when I get back from the event.