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Kinda tired today

Felt rather tired today even though I went to bed by 10pm or so last night. Not a not-enough-sleep tired but a not-much-energy tired.

Work actually wasn’t too bad. They gave me a very low stress project to work on for a few hours and then I had to go back to the same old grind. It was a nice break, I be doing it tomorrow too but probably for not as long.

I woke up this morning and felt accomplished for getting so many things done last night. It was a good feeling. Still staying off twitter and even stayed off Tumblr tonight, usually I go there after Pretty Little Liars and read the PLL Theories tag. And stay up late. I’m staying up later than I wanted to tonight, but after PLL was over I wanted to read more of “Falling.” It’s really good and I’m 70% finished so might finish it tonight.

Thinking about The Happiness Trap – I still need to write down my goals and values and start focusing on them, especially the values, the book points out it’s important to enjoy your values while striving for goals. I’ll explain more when less tired.

Today I walked over to the store after work and got a few things and got bangs cut on the way back, so they are no longer in my eyes.